Tuesday Tutorial: Paper Banner


Another party happened recently around here and I realized that I haven’t ever done tutorials on how to make your own party decor.  Banners are super easy (although not the quickest project) and can easily be saved for use again.  You can hang them for holidays, birthdays, showers, or really anything you want!

Paper Banner Tutorial

Finished Paper Banner


- cardstock (bottom layer, second layer, and one or two papers for the lettering)

- Cricut (or something else for cutting the desired shapes)

- glue or Mod Podge

- tiny hole punch

- brads or ribbon

Gather materials - cardstock

Above you will see the papers I picked out for my son’s Avengers banner.  I wanted to use the red and blue cardstock for the back layer.  Then the red and white polka dots for the smaller layer on top of that.  Finally I just used black for the lettering. Quite often I use a shadow behind my lettering to make the words POP more but in this case I didn’t.  My paper stash is HUGE from all the scrapbooking I do used to do, so most of the time I don’t have to buy paper for my banners unless I am planning an entire party from invites to water bottle wraps.  Then everything needs to match!

To clarify here is what I gather when I am beginning to work on a banner:

-Bottom layer – 4-5 pieces of cardstock in 1 or 2 colors.  I like to alternate colors sometimes, other times I do all one color.  For this banner I grabbed 2 sheets of red and 2 sheets of blue to give me 20 circles (5 per page).

-Second layer – this is mostly decoration so for this I always use a patterned paper that matches the theme. I used 3 sheets of paper and cut 6 circles per page.

- lettering – 1 or 2 colors depending on whether or not you cut a shadow. Here I didn’t.

Cut out all pieces

Once all the pieces are cut out, I like to lay out my banner and arrange it before I start putting it together.  That way if I am alternating the back layer colors I don’t mess up!

begin to layer

I center the layer on the back circle. At this point I am not gluing anything together.

add lettering

Then add the lettering on top to get that all arranged correctly.  You don’t want any misspellings!

arrange entire banner

So here is what my desk usually looks like when a banner is in progress.  From here I start gluing it all together.  I was low on my craft glue sticks and didn’t want to mess with Mod Podge since my boys were all upstairs with me doing school.  Honestly I really love using Tacky Glue Spray Adhesive but it makes a mess and I didn’t have a box to spray onto.  But it makes banners come together SO very fast without the bubbles of Mod Podge.

add decorations


To add some color and decorations to the banner I found the Avengers colors that I was using for everything else and cut 4 circles in each color (the extras were used for other party decor and labeling).  Then using some vinyl (because I really didn’t want to have to glue so many pieces of cardstock down!).  The vinyl is already sticky backed so it was like putting on a large sticker.

Punching holes for brads

Next to put the banner together I use a cool tool that I received from my friend, Aimee (she loves handing me down all the scrapbooking supplies she doesn’t need anymore and she has given me LOTS of cool things, this tool being one of the best!)  You can get yourself some at JoAnn’s if you are lucky or you can just order some HERE.
assembling the banner
Now just start assembling your banner.  I like to use brads to put mine together for a couple reasons: they are a bit quicker than stringing the banner on ribbon and they are then able to be saved since they fold up so easily! (see the picture below)
Back view
To make sure they are going to fold nicely (great if you are taking the banner to another location to use or if you want to reuse them in the future) you will need to hook them together in the right way.  One side of the banner needs to be on top for all the circles while the other side is on the bottom.  See the picture below – the right side of the circle is always on TOP of the next circle and then the left side is always on the BOTTOM of the circle right before it.
Banner -right side under, left side on top
See how nicely this folds up!  Now it is time to fold it up and put it away for the next superhero party!
Folded up banner
What are you going to make a banner for first???




Tuesday Tutorial: Simple Superhero Cape

When my 7 yr old decided he wanted a Superhero party I was a bit surprised (all I had heard about for MONTHS was Lego Ninjago so I thought for sure the theme would involve plastic blocks).  Thankfully we have Pinterest now, seriously does anyone use Google anymore???  I know that is the first place I look for just about everything now!  I immediately started pinning away.  Then suddenly the party morphed into an Avenger theme, mainly because the birthday boy wanted to be Captain America.

Since this was going to be a small affair (only 3 guests and the birthday boy), I knew I could do a bit more for the favors.  Capes were a must!  There are many cape tutorials on Pinterest but in the end I decided just to do my own thing.

Superhero Cape Tutorial

Superhero Cape Tutorial


  • 3/4 yard of fabric (I used cotton broadcloth)
  • bias tape
  • sewing tools – pins, rotary cutter, matching thread

To start I wanted my capes long so I didn’t cut the fabric (I left if the 44″ – selvage to selvage).  If you are making capes for little ones (toddlers), cutting the fabric in half where it is folded on the bolt would make a perfect length.

First I took one side that was 27″ and made that the top.  I found the center, marked it with a pin, and from there measured out in both direction marking my pleats with pins.  From the center I measured out 3″ then 2″ then again 3″ and 2″.  That way my pleats were about 4″ apart and there were two on each side.



mark pleats

I then pleated the fabric making sure the pleats faced INTO the center.  I folded the pins that were 2″ apart into each other so they met and then pinned them in place and ironed the pleats.

bring pins together

bring pins together to make pleat

Here is a close up picture of two of the pleats on one half of the cape.


Here you can see the entire top after it was pleated.

pinned pleats

Once all the pleats were completed I did a quick basting stitch to hold the pleats in place while I hemmed the other three sides of the cape.  That way I didn’t have to worry about the pins coming out or the pleats getting messed up.

Next, I hemmed the cape on the remaining three sides.  I measured 1/4″ all the way around and folded the edges in.  I did this again and pinned as I went.  Then just stitch all the way around the camp.


hemmed edges

hem sides and bottom edges

I had a few eager helpers that wanted to sew when I was making these!

mommy's helpers


Now for the final step.  To finish the top edge and create the ties I went with bias tape.  I wanted something very simple that would still look nice. I prefer to use the EXTRA WIDE DOUBLE FOLD bias tape.

bias tape to finish top and create ties

I cut my bias tape to 36″ long (next time I think I would do a 54″ cut to make the ties a bit longer).  Then I folded the tape and marked the center with a pin.  Then I lined that up with the center top of the cape.

fold cut bias tape in half to find the center

Pin the bias tape all along the cape (it’s pleated now so it has a slight curve to it.  Fold each end of the bias tape into the folded edges to finish the ends.  Then just sew all the way around the top to secure it closed and to the cape.   Pin bias tape Add bias tape for ties

Find a willing assistant to model the completed cape and let them “fly” off to save their friends from harm.

Cute Cape Model

Here is a view of the back so you can see how the pleats fall.  My model is a bit smaller than the boys these were made for the so the pleats are harder to see.  Final Product



Here is a view of the finished capes on the Superheroes!  They are quite long but I like that they have room to grow!

Superhero Cape TutorialMy son wanted an Avengers themed party so I then used my Cricut and some iron on vinyl to create the symbols of the various Avengers.  More on that in another post!


Look Whoooo’s Expecting

My husband is blessed to have 5 sisters (which means I am even more blessed to have 5 sisters-in-love!).  That means lots of bridal and baby showers have happened since I have been in the family.  I consider it to be a HUGE blessing that I get to help with these bridal and baby showers.  Remember the sweets themed shower I helped with for my sister-in-love a couple years ago?  Or the sweet and sexy bridal shower I helped my  sister-in-love throw for her best friend?  There are have been many more that I just never blogged about for some reason.  I love throwing a themed party and so when my sister-in-love, Ashley announced she was pregnant I couldn’t wait to help with her baby shower.  Imagine my excitement when it was a girl too!  Something new to this mom of 4 boys and aunt to 3 nephews (a niece was born in September and then another nephew and two nieces were just adopted into the family but I didn’t get to throw those showers).

Ashley’s hubby is in the Army so we first wanted to throw a pink camo baby shower.  Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnns must not think that is a good theme, however, since I could find NO pink camouflage paper anywhere!  So after a quick text conversation with my sister-in-love it was decided owls it would be.  Off I sent her to pin away on Pinterest the cute ideas she wanted at her shower.  (Some of them I pinned on my Shower the Love board, so you can check them out for yourself!)


In the midst of the planning and creating of invitations, banners, water bottle wrappers, and cupcake toppers – I got a text from my mother-in-law asking if we could make these cute toliet paper roll owls too.  I managed to fit in time to make two (I might have been able to make a few more but my husband had recently exited our bathroom with about 10 empty toliet paper rolls  and a confused look on his face.  Upon questioning whether or not I was saving them for a reason {which at the moment I was not} he threw them out. BUMMER!


My sister-in-love, Kim and my friend Kayla (the mommy-to-be’s best friend) helped me craft up all the decorations one day.  There is nothing like crafting with friends to make it all more fun!  I was going to take pictures along the way so you would know how to make your own banner and water bottle wraps but we were in a rush to get it all done.  There will be another party I am sure and then I will take them time to show you all how to create your own party decorations!

Welcome Sign

Welcome sign – it didn’t go on the front door since it was way too windy.  We put it in the entry way where guests were asked to address an envelope for thank you notes.



Entry way, just look at all that pink and purple!

Here is a look at the food table.  We had lots of yummy treats!



Cupcakes were topped with owls that were the same as on the invitations.



Banners finished off the decor and I always put the circles together with brads so they fold up and travel really well.  Plus this way they can easily be saved for future parties (if generic) or can be put up in the new baby’s room!  My sister-in-love, Kim has gotten really good at making banners so I put her in charge of cutting these out on the Cricut.

My To Do List for January…

The holidays came and went and with so much crafting that happened before Christmas I wanted nothing more than to be LAZY  after Christmas.  So that is pretty much what happened!  I watched movies, played with the boys, planned some New Year’s Eve fun with my family and pinned away on Pinterest.

So when January arrived I suddenly realized just how crazy busy I needed to be in order to get done all that I need to get done.  I planned out posts and tutorials I want to share with you. There are way to many versions of a to do list and supply lists floating around my craft room and I have piles {all sorted} of projects that need to get completed.

This is a post where I don’t necessarily SHOW you myself what I am doing {since I haven’t done most of them yet}, but instead I am going to show you where the ideas for my upcoming projects came from.  I have one nephew’s bday, 2 baby showers, a neiece’s birthday, my oldest son’s and a few projects I want to get done for Valentine’s Day!

Here we go:

1. Newphew’s Bday Gift – Fort Kit


If you are on Pinterest you might have seen a version or two of these floating around.  My sweetest friend made a fort kit for my boys’ last Christmas and we have had LOTS of fun creating with it!  I LOVE gifts that are TOYS but are still oh so fun and encourage PLAY.  My post for my version of a fort kit will be coming up next Tuesday, but for now I will show you where the idea came from.

 2. Baby Shower – one for a friend, one for my sister-in-law


Seems to be baby season all around me and with that being the case I have two baby showers to go to in January.  The first is for a woman that we have known for years now.  It’s a Dr. Suess theme (remember one near and dear to my heart) so I know it is going to be adorable.  I love giving handmade gifts – shocking I know – so I decided this time to make a carrier cover.  I wish I had one of these when my boys were small. A blanket, while having the same function, just isn’t as lovely as a cover that is handmade!

For my sister-in-law, I made the invites and will be very busy soon crafting up banners, cupcake toppers and more! YAY!!!  She wanted an owl theme so I put two owls sitting on a tree branch on the invites.  Super cute!  I will be sure to take pictures and show you all I make for the shower.  Might even do a few party tutorials on how to make banners, water bottle wrappers, cupcake toppers and more.

MBC - invites in progress


3.  My niece’s upcoming birthday

For those of you that don’t know, I finally have nieces!!!  After 6 years of having only boys on my hubby’s side of the family (my four included) I now have 3 nieces and one more on the way (see the pink and purple baby shower invites pictured above!)  Needless to say I have LOTS of ideas on my If I Only Had a Girl board on Pinterest that will now be getting some attention!  One item that I have seen and wanted to try out was felt food.  Since I am {sigh} at the end of my baby years, I wasn’t sure this was the right thing for me to invest my time in creating for my boys.  Now, however, I am obsessed and can’t stop searching for and pinning felt food ideas.  Thankfully felt is cheap!

I have a huge list of food I want to make for my nieces.  They got a lovely pink princess kitchen for Christmas and it NEEDS food for them to cook in it!  One has a February birthday and the other is in April so I can spread out my felting of food a bit.  My boys now also want some sets (and I want to play with them too!) so I will probably be making doubles of everything.  I’ll post my felt foods as I get them sewn.  Lots of hand sewing is involved so I am hoping my hand can hold out!

5. Superhero Slumber Party

My oldest is about to be 8 yrs old and he is finally to the age of slumber parties.  While I do LOVE to throw parties (as seen here and here) they are a lot of work and with 3 boys with birthday months all back to back, this busy mama needed a break!  So my two older boys both agreed to forego family dinners this year for slumber parties.

My oldest has requested a Superhero party so I started searching for boy slumber party ideas.  I found a few cute superhero party themed ideas. I am hoping time allows for some personalized party favors for the boys that come.  These makes are so awesome!

Source: cutesycrafts.blogspot.com via Allison on Pinterest

6.  Valentine Projects

I finally completed my version of the conversation hearts hanger I found on Pinterest last Valentine’s Day.

Source: thepeanutpaintshop.blogspot.com via Allison on Pinterest

I never got around to completing the last few steps of the project.  It now is proudly hanging on the wall by my front door.

MBC- Conversation Heart Hanger

I will be selling these until Valentine’s Day so if you want one you can place on order by sending me a message on my

Facebook page! I’m selling them for $15 for up to 4 hearts and $3 for each additional heart after that.  Let me know if you

want some cuteness hanging on your wall for Valentine’s Day.

I will also be working on some new wreaths for Valentine’s Day so check back to see what I have come up with!

I’m already tired thinking of the work I have ahead of me but I am always excited to craft and try out some new things!

Polar Express Party

My boys LOVE the movie Polar Express! To them How the Grinch Stole Christmas is scary and they are still to young for Elf so this has become our go to Christmas movie.  So when I saw the idea of having a Polar Express party on Pinterest I just knew that was the perfect way to have some Holiday fun with the boys.

Mom's Busy Crafting: Polar Express Party

All Aboard the Polar Express

After searching for some ways to make the night even more fun I found this pin for making train tracks leading up to the front door.  I showed my hubby and he immediately volunteered to “lay some tracks” for the party.  A bit of black tape and voila!

Train tracks leading up to the door

Once on “board” the kiddos, all dressed in their jammies, patiently waited for the cookie decorating to begin (ok, honestly with 10 boys and 3 girls it was more like WWE and Risky Business while waiting- footie jammies and tile floors make for lots of fun).  Once all the guests had arrived the sugar fest began!  My husband made red velvet cupcakes complete with a peppermint stick for the “North Pole”.  They were supposed to look like this, but I ran out of time.  They were still VERY festive!

Sweets, Lots of Sweets

Both my kitchen table and dining room table were needed to decorate so I had 2 cupcake trays (another idea I saw on Pinterest somewhere) FULL of colorful sprinkles.  I for some reason have a HUGE sprinkle collection so don’t worry, I am still WELL stocked in the sprinkle department.



Here are some pictures of my boys decorating their cookies (didn’t include other party guests as I didn’t want anyone upset that their child’s pictures are on a site).  Ethan was grumpy so I didn’t get a picture of him :(


Decorating cookies Icing! More frosting than cookie

Once my floors the cookies were covered in sprinkles, all the kiddos sat down with their blankets and pillows to watch the movie.  Their “tickets” were passed out (Thanks again to my wonderful hubby for making and printing them!) and the movie began.

At precisely the right moment, their hot chocolate was delivered by dancing waiters (ok, by me, but I was dancing a bit).  I found a SUPER SWEET recipe that could be made in the crockpot.  Boy was it SWEET!  After a taste test before the party started, I added in about 3 more cups of milk to make it a bit more drinkable.

Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, no movie would be complete without popcorn.  All too soon, the movie was over and the train was ready to deliver it’s passengers back to their homes.  Although I didn’t have the time to do EVERYTHING I had wanted to, we had a magical time and I definitely will be doing this again next year.
Popcorn and Hot Cocoa

Merry Christmas

and remember “The Bell Still Rings for All Who Truly Believe!”

Mother Son Dinner 2012

A couple of years ago, the mommy group I was a part of was having a Mother Daughter Tea.  Now as a lady that loves to throw a party, I was a bit sad to not have a daughter.  So I thought up the Mother Son dinner.  Having 4 boys doesn’t mean we can’t dress up and have a fabulous time together.  My husband jumped on board wanting to help teach the boys how to be gentlemen.  To do this, all gentlemen need to know some basics- how to date properly.  Who better to practice on than your mama?  So the Mother Son dinner began.  First Mother Son Dinner

The first year it was a small crowd – myself and my 2 oldest boys (Boy #3 was an infant  and #4 wasn’t even a glimmer), and two other mamas.  It was a sweet time!

Then last year the numbers grew. We filled up my front room with 2 full tables of mommies and their sons.  {My poor hubby got a gold star for doing all the serving and pampering for us by himself!}  I can’t find my picture with all my boys so here is one of my sweet Chris (He LOVES to dress up and look handsome so this kind of event is right up his alley!)

Mommy and Chris

This year, it was time to plan it again and my husband and myself wanted to bless even more mamas.  So we opened it up to many of our friends and family.  Nine mamas and 19 boys were able to attend and it was better than ever.  Thanks to several fathers, friends, and a couple older daughters Bryan was able to organize getting us all served and fed quickly!

Set up and ready

While searching Pinterest I found a link to Amanda’s Parties To Go and I was so thankful for her FREE printables for Mother’s Day.  To get it all you have to do it LIKE her page on Facebook.  So I did and my printer got busy!  She had EVERYTHING in this download from a banner to water bottle wraps and place cards.


Once I had that, I knew the colors for the dinner.  Off to Target I went and I was blessed to find green tablecloths on clearance in a 2 pack for $2.08!  And the pink table runners- clearance wrapping paper!  A pack of tissue paper for Poms and I was set!



When the mama’s arrived a picture was taken of them and their baby boys.

Mother Son picture

Then the boys were taken aside by my husband to receive their lesson on being a gentleman.  This included instructions on asking mom to be your date, showing her to the table, pulling out her chair, ordering for her, and then thanking her for a wonderful date night!  Too cute!  One of the son’s came in and asked his mom “Will you be my HOT date tonight?”  So precious!

placing orders

Mommies having fun

And a HUGE thank you to all those that helped!  Bryan couldn’t have done it without help this year and we were so blessed by the daddies, sisters, and friends that came to help serve and bless the mamas and their boys!


Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Shirts

For Ethan’s upcoming birthday, I of course wanted us all in Dr. Seuss attire.  I got very lucky when I found 3 Cat in the Hat shirts for my older boys to wear at Target on clearance for $2.74!  Unfortunately they had nothing for the birthday boy, for my husband or myself.  So back to Pinterest I went in search of ideas for party attire.  I found this shirt for my hubby and this shirt for me, but in the end didn’t want to have to wait for it to be shipped and really didn’t want to spend $26 just on shirts.

So one day while I was using my Cricut and some iron on vinyl (to label the boys baseball bags), I decided to attempt to design the shirts myself on my Gypsy. {For those that aren’t familiar with the Gypsy it is a handheld device that works with the Cricut that allows you to load all your cartridges onto it and then design with them from anywhere.  It is amazing and I could not use my Cricut so effectively without it.  You can actually see everything you are designing and place it where you want it to cut on the mat!}

Want to make your own?  Well here is how I did it.  You can adjust it depending on which Cricut cartridges you have!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Supplies Needed:

- red shirts

- black iron-on vinyl (I get mine from Expressions Vinyl)

- white iron on vinyl

- Cricut

- Gypsy

- All Mixed Up cartridge

- Any cartridge with a circle shape – I used Plantin Schoolbook

- Cutting Up cartridge

 I started with an O from the All Mixed Up cartridge.  The black outline behind the white circles on Thing 1 and Thing 2 aren’t perfect circles so this O was the perfect shape.  It outlined the white circle perfectly.

O - All Mixed Up

 In order to make it a solid back circle instead of an O, I hid the inside of the letter by selecting the hide icon and and then the inner circle.  This makes it NOT cut so you will have a solid black circle.

Letter O - All Mixed Up cartridge Next I selected a circle from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.  This would be the white circle layer that will be placed on top of the black circle.


Once the circle is added, I made it just a little bit smaller than the O so that the black would show just a bit behind the white circle.

white circle

Next I used the Cutting Up cartridge for the lettering.  To me it was the most “Dr. Seuss” looking font.  I typed in THING in all caps.  To get the letters to bend in an arc shape, you adjust the angle.  In the advanced tab, you move the angle up or down.  I did that for each letter until I got the arc shape I wanted.

adjusting the lettering

Once the arc was set, I moved the letters onto the white circle.  This way when it is cut out and weeded (unwanted vinyl removed) the black from underneath the white circle would show through. THING lettering

Now add in the number 1.  ONERepeat for the THING 2 shirt.

The last step (which I forgot to take a picture of) is to flip the wording, in this case you don’t need to flip the circles since it won’t matter which side is which.  You are cutting from the back of iron on vinyl since the film on the front gets placed face DOWN on your mat.  So basically you are cutting from the back of the film.

Now you are ready to cut. I placed a 6″x12″ sheet of black on the left of my mat and white on the right.  Be sure to place the side with the film DOWN on the mat when you cut and that you have flipped your image.

To cut the iron-on vinyl you adjust the blade depth to a 2 and the pressure to a 3.

Once it is cut, weed out all the vinyl you don’t want and then cut the circles apart so you have only 1 to iron onto the shirt.

completed shirt

Here is the finished product!

Partying with the Cat in the Hat, part 2

No party is complete without fabulous food.  While I can’t say the food was “fabulous”, I can say that the names for each food item were! Each item available for noshing on had a Dr. Seuss inspired name from one of the many books by Theodore Geisel.

Here is the spread.  Water bottles were wrapped with more printables from my Cupcake Express party package and the tent cards and larger food labels were also from that pack.  I figured out how to import those PDF files into Pages (Publisher for Mac users!) and was then able to type up the menu items {using the GRINCHED font of course!}.

The spread

Plates and silverware in the color scheme of the party all wrapped and ready to go.

Plates and Silverware

Main Dishes

  • Sam I Am Sammies (Green Eggs and Ham) ham sandwiches
  • Roast Beast (Grinch Who Stole Christmas) roast beef sandwiches
  • Noodle Eating Poodle Noodles (Fox in Socks) pasta salad
  • Green Eggs (Green Eggs and Ham) deviled eggs


Green Eggs & Poodles Eating Noodles


  • Brown Bar Ba Loots Truffula Fruits (The Lorax) Grapes
  • Gertrude McFuzzy Berries (Gertrude McFuzz) Strawberries
  • Skipper Zips Chips (Oh Say Can You Say?) chips of various kinds
  • Grinitch Spinach (What was I scared of?) spinach dip
  • Gluppity Glup (The Lorax) onion dip
  • One Fish, Two Fish (One Fish, Two Fish) goldfish crackers and swedish fish
  • Yot in a Pot (There’s a Wocket in my Pocket) little smokies
  • Biggle Balls (Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book) meatballs

Chips and Dip



Green Eggs and Ham cookies

Sneetch Bellies

And now to the best part…

My adorable little guy digging into his smash cake.  My hubby made him a cake that looked like Cat in the Hat’s hat.  At first, all my little guy wanted was to lick the red fondant but he eventually got the idea.  He didn’t seem to want to get dirty so instead of using his hands, he just leaned in and grabbed bites with his mouth.  Too precious!!!

Smash Cake

Digging in

Messy Guy

I think my favorite part of the party was planning the menu and finding all sorts of cute ideas for food!

Can’t wait to plan the next party {which isn’t too far off, my Cutie Pie is going to be 5 in just a couple of weeks so I have to get busy on his party at the end of April.  Thankfully for the 5th birthday we party it up and Pump It Up so they do all the set up and clean up! YAY!!!  Just gotta get some invites done and sent out.}

I’m off to eat more party food for lunch.  As is usually the case, I prepared WAY too much food.

Partying with the Cat in the Hat, part 1

Well the party of the “year” around here is over.  My little guy’s first birthday was a Seuss-cess! After months of pinning ideas, searching for inspiration, menu planning, and of course crafting up hats and outfits – the party is done.  I am so excited to show you all the fun decorations that helped make this party a hit.

First the hats were so fun.

The boys enjoyed running around as Cat in the Hat and the adults even got in on the fun sporting the hats a bit themselves.

family shot

For the decor in the family room, the entertainment stand was all cleared to make room for our Dr. Seuss book collection and a few beloved Seuss characters were perched in the perfect positions for watching the party. Balloons and my bunting {first seen here} added the final touches.

Books galore

Birthday banner hung over the entryway into the dinning room and hallway.  I got all my printables from Cupcake Express on Etsy! These were amazing and made my life SO much easier.  Usually I make my own printables but I am starting to realize I just can’t do it all.  These pennants were cut out, hole punched and then I tied them up using red and blue with white polka dot ribbons.


This next idea was “stolen” AHEM, inspired by my friend Heather. Last summer she threw a Mickey Mouse party for her daughter and put mouse ears on all her family pictures.  It was ADORABLE!  These hats were found at Michaels and I had LOTS of them so they got put on the heads of any picture that was the right size. You will see that not only the family room pictures got hats, but so did others around the house!

silly Seuss

In the kitchen, the white cabinets needed some dressing up.  These book covers were also found at Michael’s in a set along with the character punch outs.  I love the fun they added to the kitchen.

kitchen decor

Along with the printable pack I purchased there were some quote printables.  This quote is one of my favorites for the birthday party.  No one is Youer than You on your birthday!


More hats in the hallway!

hat in the hall

hidden hats

The bathroom couldn’t be forgotten.  A few character punch outs, a quote, and some kid level hats were placed on the mirror so bathroom guests had something to smile at while washing their hands.

bathroom decor

And here is the reason for it all!

My sweet birthday boy in this “Happy Birthday to Me!” shirt. His hat didn’t stay on long, but he enjoyed his party nonetheless.  He even took 5 or 6 consecutive steps (previously it had only been 1-2 in a row).

Birthday Boy

Check back tomorrow for another post on the FOOD!

There were just too many yummy Seuss inspired treats to show in this post.

Cat in the Hat party hats

What Dr. Suess themed party would be complete without hats from the Cat in the Hat?  Certainly no party of mine!

Thanks to Pinterest and Dr. Suess’s birthday on March 2nd there were SO many party ideas popping up everywhere.  It certainly made my job easier when planning things for this party.  A new Pinterest board {aptly named the Cat in the Hat} had to be started to contain all the party ideas.

I pinned a tutorial from Momma’s Kinda Crafty  and I was able to make up a hat for Ethan to wear at his party.  (please excuse the horrible cell phone picture).  Click on over to that site if you want to make your own!  They are super easy and only take about an hour!

{That is unless you sew the brim on to the WRONG side of the fabric and have to use the seam ripper to take it apart and start over.  I am NOT speaking from experience here at all :) AHEM}

Here is the finished product in all its adorable glory!  

It matches his little party shirt I made him with matching shorts perfectly.

Isn’t my little guy a cutie?!?!

Ethan's Cat in the Hat hat

I changed the measurements a bit since he is only 1 so that it wouldn’t be so big on his head.  Instead of using stripes that were 3″ x 22″ I shortened them to 19″.  The circle I traced for the head was 6″ and the brim around the hat was from a circle that was about 10 inches in diameter.  The brim turned out a bit small but for such a little guy I think it will be alright.

Tonight I will be busy crafting up 5 more of these hats, 3 for my other boys and 2 for my hubby and I to share with all the party guests.  I am thinking of setting up a little “photo booth” area where guests can take silly pictures with the hats on.

Check back later for a quick tutorial on how I made my own Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts using my Cricut machine and some iron-on vinyl.  AND don’t forget to stop by next week to see all the pictures of the party!  I am so excited to get everything set up! If it is half as cute as it is in my head, I will be thrilled.

And the best part is… next year for Dr. Suess’s birthday we can pull these out again!