Mother Son Dinner 2012

A couple of years ago, the mommy group I was a part of was having a Mother Daughter Tea.  Now as a lady that loves to throw a party, I was a bit sad to not have a daughter.  So I thought up the Mother Son dinner.  Having 4 boys doesn’t mean we can’t dress up and have a fabulous time together.  My husband jumped on board wanting to help teach the boys how to be gentlemen.  To do this, all gentlemen need to know some basics- how to date properly.  Who better to practice on than your mama?  So the Mother Son dinner began.  First Mother Son Dinner

The first year it was a small crowd – myself and my 2 oldest boys (Boy #3 was an infant  and #4 wasn’t even a glimmer), and two other mamas.  It was a sweet time!

Then last year the numbers grew. We filled up my front room with 2 full tables of mommies and their sons.  {My poor hubby got a gold star for doing all the serving and pampering for us by himself!}  I can’t find my picture with all my boys so here is one of my sweet Chris (He LOVES to dress up and look handsome so this kind of event is right up his alley!)

Mommy and Chris

This year, it was time to plan it again and my husband and myself wanted to bless even more mamas.  So we opened it up to many of our friends and family.  Nine mamas and 19 boys were able to attend and it was better than ever.  Thanks to several fathers, friends, and a couple older daughters Bryan was able to organize getting us all served and fed quickly!

Set up and ready

While searching Pinterest I found a link to Amanda’s Parties To Go and I was so thankful for her FREE printables for Mother’s Day.  To get it all you have to do it LIKE her page on Facebook.  So I did and my printer got busy!  She had EVERYTHING in this download from a banner to water bottle wraps and place cards.


Once I had that, I knew the colors for the dinner.  Off to Target I went and I was blessed to find green tablecloths on clearance in a 2 pack for $2.08!  And the pink table runners- clearance wrapping paper!  A pack of tissue paper for Poms and I was set!



When the mama’s arrived a picture was taken of them and their baby boys.

Mother Son picture

Then the boys were taken aside by my husband to receive their lesson on being a gentleman.  This included instructions on asking mom to be your date, showing her to the table, pulling out her chair, ordering for her, and then thanking her for a wonderful date night!  Too cute!  One of the son’s came in and asked his mom “Will you be my HOT date tonight?”  So precious!

placing orders

Mommies having fun

And a HUGE thank you to all those that helped!  Bryan couldn’t have done it without help this year and we were so blessed by the daddies, sisters, and friends that came to help serve and bless the mamas and their boys!


Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Mother’s Day Gifts 2011

It was that time of year again. Time to create presents for the mom’s in my life. This year TWO of my sister in laws were mommies so I made these frames for them.
I didn’t take pictures of the presents I made for my mom and my mother in law. They actually aren’t fully finished yet for a couple of reasons. 1. Bryan needs to drill holes in the frames and 2. they are just adding on to the picture frames of all their grandkids from this post. My mom had one new grandson born this past year and my mother in law gained 2 new grandsons. Needless to say, they needed more frames added to their gift from last year :)

Mother’s Day Gift with Tutorial!

For my mom and mother-in-law I decided to create these adorable linked hanging frames that I saw on HowDoesShe? I LOVE this blog! The ideas are so cute and I am storing a bunch of them for future use! So here is what I did to make this project my own :)

While we were in San Diego on our anniversary trip, my hubby took me to IKEA! He sure knows the way to his woman’s heart. Anyway… I saw these frames and knew they would be perfect for some kind of craft project, so we grabbed 3 packs (that is 9 frames). At the time I just wasn’t sure what. Fast forward a few weeks and now it is time for Mother’s Day crafting. These frames turned out to be just the perfect project. I had exactly the amount I needed since my mom has 4 grandbabies and my mother-in-law has 5.
I began by having my sweet hubby drill small holes in each of the corners. This is where the eye screws would be placed to link the frames. His drill was already out since he was hanging all my shelves and rods in the SCOR.

I painted the frames with a cream colored paint to go with the papers I had selected for use.
I traced the frames onto the back of my paper (I had taken the plastic from the center where the picture would sit).
My paper choices. My boys have “colors” that I have assigned to them so I used those. The purple was for my niece and the yellow was for my nephew (because that is his favorite color!).
Here are the cut out frames for my mother-in-law’s gift.
Using Mod Podge (which I LOVE) I glued the paper to the frame. I also cut out each grandchild’s name on white paper using my Cricut. Those were then applied to the corresponding frame. This one was for my newest nephew!
Next, I screwed the eye screws into the predrilled holes. I did that on all four corners.

Using cream colored ribbon, I tied the eye hooks together to link the frames. Lowe’s didn’t have any eye hooks or I would have used those (although the ribbon junkie in me LOVES how the ribbon looks).
To hang the frames, I just tied another long ribbon. Wish I had a nice metal handle like the one on HowDoesShe? but no biggie!
There you have it! You can totally add to these as well (although 5 was pretty heavy so I might would just start another one!). Since only 2 of the 6 kiddos on my hubby’s side have had kids, I am sure I will be making another one of these somewhere down the road!

Mother’s Day Presents

I found this tutorial for a stationary box and wanted to try it out.  After about an hour, the box was done.  Next it was time to fill it up with gift tags and note cards.  It made the perfect gift for my mom for Mother’s Day.  She frequently writes notes and letters to her sisters so I knew the cards would get put to good use.

Her Mother’s Day card: I added the word MOM outside.

Stationary Box

Front Flap (folded open) the pocket holds stamps and I included Post-It notes.

Small gift tag

View of the box when open, complete with 5 notecards in the back.

Mother’s Day Presents

I made these blocks for my mother in law for Mother’s Day.  The whole project probably took me an hour.  A few months ago, the idea was posted on Little Birdie Secrets and I saved it knowing I would one day tackle this project.  The great thing is that these 7 blocks can make a total of 16 words.  So that my mother in law would know what words can be spelled out, I wrote them on the bottom of the blocks.  The best thing is: these are very inexpensive!  Each block at Michael’s cost $1.29.  I already had the antique white paint and mod podge.  Using my Cricut and a piece of patterned black paper, the letters were cut out in no time.  Now I just have to find a way to wrap them so that the blocks can say “mothers” when the package is opened!