Father’s Day Gift Basket {Free Printable Tags}

My dad loves candy so any gift that involves sweets is always a hit.  Last year I made my husband, father-in-law and dad Hero Kits with all sorts of super hero munchies.  The year prior to that I washed out glass soda bottles and filled them with little candies and nuts and decorated the box that the 6 pack came in {can you believe that I didn’t take pictures of the completed projects!!!}

So this year I decided it was a safe bet to continue with that theme for my dad and my hubby as well.  I went a bit overboard for my hubby and ended up splitting all his goodies into 2 baskets, one from the boys and then one from me!

Father's Day Gift basket

I got the printable for my dad in the frame from A Proffittable Life.

It was just perfect since the very first saying is “You make a better door than you do a window”!  That is something I heard SO many times growing up and I smile when my dad says it to my boys now.

Now you can get a look at all the goodies I have packed into the basket for my husband.  See why I had to split it into two baskets!  For my hubby I got the printable from Pink Ink Doodle.  It describes my man perfectly!

Hubby Goodies

Candy and the saying that goes with it:

Peanut M&M’s – You are anything but PLAIN

Red Vines – You are an ORIGINAL!

Honey Roasted Nuts – We are NUTS about you!

Jelly Bellies – We love when you tickle our bellies

Swedish Fish – You are of-FISH-ally the best!

Sour Patch Kids – Sorry our attitudes are SOUR sometimes.

Whoppers – You’re a WHOPPER of a Dad

Extra gum – For all the EXTRA things you do

Reeces Peanut Butter Cups – A CUP for a KING

Starburst – You’re a STAR, Dad

Snickers – You know how to make us SNICKER

Milky Way – You’re out of this WORLD

Twix – From your 4 boys

3 Musketeers – From your 4 MUSKETEERS

AW Rootbeer – You are AW-some

Mt. Dew – Thanks for all you DEW

Now you can print your very own and create a basket of goodies for the man (men) in your life!  ENJOY

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Father’s Day is almost here!

I have been busy lately working on Father’s Day gifts for my hubby. A while ago I saw an adorable shirt and onesie combo that was probably made for a new daddy. Immediately I knew I just had to craft up something similar for my husband and boys.

So with my Gypsy in hand I began to design up shirts of my very own. I made the front say “I make ADORABLE boys” and then each of the boys had a matching shirt that just says “ADORABLE boy”. For the backs I wanted them to look something like a jersey so I put daddy and the boys names across the back with numbers on the back (1-4 for the boys and 00 for Daddy). The Cricut font cartridges I used were Varsity letter and Cutting Up. For the word adorable I made a layer to make it stand out and cut that in gold. Father's Day shirts teaser

Here is a sneak peek!  What do you think???  Be sure to check back for the after shots with all my boys in their matching shirts!

Also I will have another quick and simple Father’s Day present available for you tomorrow (It’s my present for my dad and for my hubby – from the boys).  It is super easy to throw together yet is always a hit!

Hero Snacks – Father’s Day Gift


If I have learned anything over the past few years it is that when you make gifts for guys, snacks are always a hit! Every time I have to make something for a guy, I struggle to find an idea I feel they will truly enjoy. So when I saw this Hero snack kit on a blog, I instantly knew this would be perfect!
I took a taco box from Del Taco (that is used to house their 6 taco and 6 burrito deal) and covered it in paper. It has become a habit for me to save items that I can use for packaging or a cute craft. When I saw the Del Taco boxes I knew they were perfect for something!
I then printed off the labels on cardstock, cut them out and then adhered them to the various packages of snacks with either glue dots or staples. I got snacks that I knew each guy would like (for example: Bryan’s  vitamin pellets were sunflower seeds but I used honey roasted peanuts for my dad and father in law).
Here is my sweetie on Father’s Day afternoon enjoying his “hero juice”!