Tuesday Tutorial: Bow Board

There is nothing I love more than organization.  So it will come to no shock to you that I LOVE giving little girls bow boards for baby shower and birthday gifts.  If I had a little girl, this would definitely be one of the first items I would make her.  First of all, who wouldn’t want to organize their hairbows to make them easier to grab as you are furiously running out the door late once again for wherever you are headed that day. And second, bows are either 1. time consuming to make yourself or 2. quite expensive to purchase, so who wouldn’t want to have a place to proudly show them off!

After 4 boys of my own and 3 nephews, I am finally going to have a niece!  This is one happy auntie!  So of course, what is a crafty Auntie going to do…  pin EVERYTHING girly on Pinterest so I can create adorable things for her.  {There could be a VERY good reason that God hasn’t given me a girl! LOL We would be broke!}

Since I was creating this bow board for her I decided I would type up a quick tutorial for you as well.  These are seriously easy to make and take you just a few minutes.   No craftiness required here folks!  So if you need a quick and simple, yet fabulous and homemade present for a little girl…  you have come to just the right place!

Bow Board Tutorial

Bow Board Tutorial

Bow Board Supplies

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas {pictured is a 16×20, but you can use any size you want}
  • fabric – I used a fat quarter that was $1.99 at JoAnn’s.  In the past I have always bought a 1/2 yard of fabric but this was a cheaper option AND I found just the color I was needing.
  • 1-1 1/2 inch spool of grosgrain ribbon
  • Staple gun

Bow Board: center canvas on the back of fabric

Iron the fabric to get out any creases from being folded or on the bolt.  Place fabric face down on a hard surface and then center the canvas on top. Using the fat quarter was PERFECT for my 16×20 canvas but if you are using a 1/2 yard of fabric off the bolt you will need to trim it down adding about 2 inches on each side of the canvas.

Bow Board: stapling the fabric on

Start at one end and staple the edge of the fabric down.  Next go to the opposite end and pull the fabric tight and staple in place.  Then staple the other sides the same way.  You want the fabric tight so that it doesn’t droop when it is hanging on the wall.

Bow Board: folding the corners

Here is a close up of how I make the corners look neat.  First fold the edge straight down.  Next bring the side (the left in the picture above) over to the right (making it even to the edge of the canvas).  Finally pull the bottom up and staple it into place.  It should look like the picture below when you are done.

Bow Board: corners done

Bow Board: Measuring the ribbon spacing

The next step is to measure the spacing for your ribbons that the bows will hang on.  My marks {for 7 vertical ribbons} were each 2 1/2 inches apart starting at 1 1/2 inches from the edge.  Mark both the top and the bottom to make sure your ribbons hang straight.

Bow Board: Marking where to put the ribbons

 Above are what my marks look like.  Just some small pencil marks will work.

Bow Board: Attaching the ribbon

Now you will attach the ribbons.  Center it on your mark and staple it down.  Pull the ribbon very tight across the front and then staple it on the opposite end.  Continue that all the way across until all your ribbons are stapled in place.  At this point I typically also weave a ribbon across the top just to add an extra little accent.

Bow Board: ribbons attached

Now fill it up with BOWS and hang it on the wall!

Bow Board Tutorial

Home is…

About a year ago my sister in law married a young man that is a modern day hero.  He is a solider in the Army.  Now as a mom of 4 boys, when my older boys learned they were going to have an uncle in the Army (that got to shoot real guns!) they were over the moon.  I was more blessed to know that there are still amazing young men and women willing to sacrifice to serve their country.  Within a few weeks of Ashley and Stephen’s wedding, he was deployed to Iraq.  After a year long deployment he is finally back home.

My sister in law has really taken to being an Army wife and when I saw this sign on Pinterest, I just knew I had to make one for them as a thank you for their sacrifice to keep my family and our country safe.  So off to the local craft store I went to purchase the necessary materials.  I slapped some paint and some vinyl on there and this was the result…

Then I painted the plaques in alternating white and reds, slapped some vinyl on there and covered the entire thing with a layer of Mod Podge.

Then it was time get the power tools out! haha  I drilled some 1/16th inch holes an 1 1/2 from the edges of the plaques and put some   eye screws in.  The ones on top were opened into a hook so the plaques could be hung together.  Then with a couple staple gun shots and some twine – the sign was complete!

This could be adapted for so many things – vacations, places you have lived, important dates- the possibilities are endless!

Baby Shower Gift

A sweet friend of our family is about to welcome to the world her first little bundle of joy!  She is having a boy {so near and dear to my heart} and calls him her little monkey.  That of course led us to finding the perfect  and most adorable monkey fabric for a shopping cart cover.

I have’t made a shopping cart cover {GASP}.  I am so not a germaphobe so my poor little guys have pretty much always just sat in the shopping cart sans cover.  Despite how cute they are, I just wanna get my boys into the cart, get on with shopping, so we can get back home and stop terrorizing the store with the sounds of 4 little boys running amuck!

Well Kayla wanted a cover so after a quick Pinterest search I found this DIY version for a oversized cart cover over at Little Blue Boo.  She calls her little guy her little monkey so we found just the right fabric for her!  Isn’t it precious!  I got a minky dimple dot fabric for the other side which makes it super soft and cozy!  I made the cover reversible and put the pockets and toy loops on BOTH sides of the fabrics BEFORE sewing the sides together (so I didn’t follow the tutorial completely).

In progress

Here is the finished cover.  Since this is a gift I couldn’t really get an action shot.  Maybe in a few month’s when the little monkey is big enough I will get an action shot from his mommy :)  Until then, here is the best I can do!

Completed cover

If you want a cover of your own, hop on over to Lil Blue Boo and get her tutorial (link above).

Happy Shopping with your new cover!

Father’s Day Gift Basket {Free Printable Tags}

My dad loves candy so any gift that involves sweets is always a hit.  Last year I made my husband, father-in-law and dad Hero Kits with all sorts of super hero munchies.  The year prior to that I washed out glass soda bottles and filled them with little candies and nuts and decorated the box that the 6 pack came in {can you believe that I didn’t take pictures of the completed projects!!!}

So this year I decided it was a safe bet to continue with that theme for my dad and my hubby as well.  I went a bit overboard for my hubby and ended up splitting all his goodies into 2 baskets, one from the boys and then one from me!

Father's Day Gift basket

I got the printable for my dad in the frame from A Proffittable Life.

It was just perfect since the very first saying is “You make a better door than you do a window”!  That is something I heard SO many times growing up and I smile when my dad says it to my boys now.

Now you can get a look at all the goodies I have packed into the basket for my husband.  See why I had to split it into two baskets!  For my hubby I got the printable from Pink Ink Doodle.  It describes my man perfectly!

Hubby Goodies

Candy and the saying that goes with it:

Peanut M&M’s – You are anything but PLAIN

Red Vines – You are an ORIGINAL!

Honey Roasted Nuts – We are NUTS about you!

Jelly Bellies – We love when you tickle our bellies

Swedish Fish – You are of-FISH-ally the best!

Sour Patch Kids – Sorry our attitudes are SOUR sometimes.

Whoppers – You’re a WHOPPER of a Dad

Extra gum – For all the EXTRA things you do

Reeces Peanut Butter Cups – A CUP for a KING

Starburst – You’re a STAR, Dad

Snickers – You know how to make us SNICKER

Milky Way – You’re out of this WORLD

Twix – From your 4 boys

3 Musketeers – From your 4 MUSKETEERS

AW Rootbeer – You are AW-some

Mt. Dew – Thanks for all you DEW

Now you can print your very own and create a basket of goodies for the man (men) in your life!  ENJOY

Tags Preview


Father’s Day is almost here!

I have been busy lately working on Father’s Day gifts for my hubby. A while ago I saw an adorable shirt and onesie combo that was probably made for a new daddy. Immediately I knew I just had to craft up something similar for my husband and boys.

So with my Gypsy in hand I began to design up shirts of my very own. I made the front say “I make ADORABLE boys” and then each of the boys had a matching shirt that just says “ADORABLE boy”. For the backs I wanted them to look something like a jersey so I put daddy and the boys names across the back with numbers on the back (1-4 for the boys and 00 for Daddy). The Cricut font cartridges I used were Varsity letter and Cutting Up. For the word adorable I made a layer to make it stand out and cut that in gold. Father's Day shirts teaser

Here is a sneak peek!  What do you think???  Be sure to check back for the after shots with all my boys in their matching shirts!

Also I will have another quick and simple Father’s Day present available for you tomorrow (It’s my present for my dad and for my hubby – from the boys).  It is super easy to throw together yet is always a hit!

Summer’s Here – End of the School Year gift

I used to not like summer.  As a child I never looked forward to several months away from my school friends staying home and being bored.  Sure, I loved the break from homework and classes, but that would wear off quickly.

When I was a 6th grade teacher, summer break was such a welcome sight!  Months and months of LONG days and weekends spent grading papers were gone and the new school year was several weeks in the future.  As a mommy now that is homeschooling one child and driving another to preschool 3 days a week, can I just say I have been counting the days until summer break!  {Anyone else???}

Teachers work hard and they NEED their summers off to relax just as much as the students (and us mommies) need too!  You know me, I love to spoil my boys’ teachers since I know first hand how hard they work.  So when I saw this idea for an end of the year gift, I knew it was perfect!

To cut down on expenses (and use up some of the junk items I have saved in the garage for repurposing into something creative), I decided to use these babies:
drink carrier

A while ago, after a run to Sonic for Happy Hour, I received one of these fabulous drink carriers.  That prompted another trip to Sonic for a second one a few weeks later.  Today, however, I was bummed when I asked my hubby to pick me up just one more and he brought home a much smaller version :(

The goodies

Here is the run down on what I got to fill the drink carrier.  Overall it was only $23 at Target!!!  Since I have 3 teachers to buy for that was a bargain – plus I had 2 of my friends with children in the same classes split the cost with me so that made it even better!

Reuseable cup $3.99 (Ross)

Towel $6.99

Candy $1 each

Flip-Flops $2.50 – gotta love the dollar spot!

Lays Chips $1 – on sale

Magazine $3.99

Crystal Light Lemonade $2.04 (used half the package in one and the other half in the other)


Now onto how I decorated the drink carrier:

Cover with paper

First I cut some scrapbook paper to fit each side of the carrier

mine was 8 1/2″ by 5″

tacky spray

Have you used this Tacky Spray?  I LOVE this stuff!

So easy for adhering paper and it was perfect for this project.


Then I typed up some simple and quick tags (thanks to Skip to my Lou for the cute rhyme!)

finished gift

And here is the finished product!  Can’t wait to spoil some teachers over the next couple of days with these.

Teacher Appreciation Week!

I am not sure who thought it would be a good idea to have Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation week at the same time of the year, but alas they are.  That means lots crafting and gift giving is in my near future.  Since Teacher Appreciation week is coming up next week, I thought I would give you a look at what I am planning on giving to my boys’ teacher this year.

Some of you might be thinking – But don’t you homeschool?  What do you mean teachers? Isn’t that you?  Well, yes I am my oldest son’s teacher for the most part but he does have a supervising teacher that we turn all his work into.  So she deserves a treat for putting up with my emails and questions all year long ;)  As for my preschooler, he attends preschool 3 days a week so I like to give a smaller gift each day instead of just one gift.  I was a teacher so I know all the hard work that goes into teaching and how nice it was to receive little treats! My older son also has a piano teacher so I might just throw in a little something for her as well!

I have been pinning ideas for a while now on my Teacher Appreciation board on Pinterest.  Here are the ones I am going to be using this year!

Gift #1 – PICKED  basket of treats(courtesy of Eighteen25)

Couldn't have Picked

You can find the blog post here detailing what you need to make your own, as well as the link to print your very own tag for your gift basket!

Gift #2 – Supplies 4 Teacher (courtesy of Less Cake, More Frosting)


Here you can also download the free printable tag.  Instead of filling it up with necessary classroom supplies as she suggests, my plan is to load up a cute little gift bag with a light duty staple gun and staples since I constantly see my son’s preschool teachers doing the whole “wack the opened up stapler against the wall” thing when they are changing up the classroom decorations.  The best tip I EVER got as a teacher was to use a light duty staple gun!  Saved me so much time when putting up bulletin boards. I am hoping to find a staple remover that slips right under the staples too (not the pinching kind that looks like it has vampire teeth) to include as well.

Gift #3 – Can’t live on Apples alone… (courtesy of Little Pumpkin Grace)

Apples and Hugs

This is a a nice and easy gift to give – I mean, come on, who doesn’t like some chocolate!  I will need to create my own tag since I  think a printed one looks nicer than a handwritten one.  So now I am hunting for just the right container to put the hugs in!

Of course you could always create a personalized gift for your child’s teacher too!  A couple years ago I made these adorable crayon letter frames that the teacher’s just loved!  In fact they are still proudly displayed in their classroom (I know because those teachers are my preschooler’s teachers this year – bummer, no reusing gift ideas for me!).

Crayon initial

Let me know what you are planning on doing for your child(s) teachers this year!  I love getting new ideas for appreciating teachers!

Tutorial Tuesday: Sunglasses Case

A few months ago, a woman from our church sent me a message asking if I could sew her a fabric case for her reading glasses.  I hadn’t made one before but it didn’t seem like too complicated of a process so I told her I would be happy to.  For those of you with lots of scraps like me this is a perfect project for using them up!  With just a couple fairly small scraps you can quickly make a case for your sunglasses (or eyeglasses) that will protect them from scratches.

So here is the tutorial I came up with.

Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses Case

1/4 yard of main fabric (or a scrap about 8″ x 8 1/2″)

1/4 yard of lining fabric ( or a scrap about 8″ x 8 1/2″)

batting (8″ x 8″)

coordinating thread

about 30 minutes of free time

NOTE: for the case pictured my scrap wasn’t quite long enough so I used some of  the lining fabric as an accent on the outside of the case. 


Start by cutting all your fabrics and batting to 8″ x 8 1/2″ pieces (cut batting in 8″ x 8″ square to allow for less bulk when closing top edge). *** If you have the oversized sunglasses you might want to cut pieces to 9″ x 8 1/2″ to have a bit of extra room. ***

Cut pieces

Place the lining fabric on top of the batting with the right side facing up.  Then put the main fabric on the lining so the right sides are together.

pinned layers

Sew around all sides leaving the top unsewn for turning.

Clip corner and trim excess batting away from sides (to reduce bulk) then turn fabrics right sides out and press so that all the layers are smoothed out.


Press the top edges of the case in all the way around and then top stitch closed (sealing the side that was left open).

turned edges

top edge closed

Fold the case in half with the lining on the inside and topstitch all the way around the case starting at the bottom and working up to the top.  Be sure to backstitch at the bottom and top ends of the case to really secure it.

top stitched closed

And that’s it!  You now have a great case for protecting your glasses from scratches while they hang out in your purse.  These would make great gifts to have on hand in your gift stash so make a few extra!

finished cases

Happy Crafting!

Tutorial Tuesday: Ruffled Butt Leggings

It’s Tuesday already so here I have another tutorial for you!  You might remember the ruffle butt onesies that I made for my friend’s little girls when she was having baby #2.  I loved how they turned out and I couldn’t wait to make more.  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long.  Another friend of mine is about to have baby #2.  She already has a sweet baby girl and now a boy is on the way.  As you might have guessed, I just had to make them some sibling shirts so off to Target I went in search of 2 white onesies.  Much to my dismay however, I didn’t find a 24 month onesie. So while wandering around the baby section I spotted some cute little girl leggings.  And that is how the project began!


Here are the boring black leggings.  I had scraps of black and white fabric I wanted to use for this project (I had black iron-on vinyl so I knew I was going to do black and white).

Ruffled Butt Leggings

Begin with plain leggings.  Lay them with the backside up.  Measure the width of the leggings.  You will want your strips of fabric for the ruffles to be about twice the width of the leggings.

Leggings before

Cut your strips of fabric for the ruffles.  I cut 5 strips for a size 2T pair of leggings.  My strips were 1 1/2 inches wide.

Strip of fabric for ruffle

To prevent fraying you will want to secure the cut edges of each strip.  Using the overlock stitch on your machine (or a serger) sew around ALL edges of each strip.  {This will take a while but it is worth it to not have all your hard work messed up by fraying fabric!}

Overlocking to prevent fraying

Here is a completed strip with all edges overlocked. Now repeat 4 more times!

One down, four to go

About 20 minutes later – All five strips finally done!

All done

Now to the fun part!  It’s time to make some ruffles!!!

Sewing down the center of each strip will create a ruffle on BOTH sides of the strip.  Using a basting stitch {a long stitch, on my machine I make the stitch length as long as possible} and adjusting the tension to a looser setting {normal on my machine is a 4 so I changed it to a 2}, sew right down the center of the strip making sure NOT to backstitch at the beginning or end.

Creating the ruffle

Here is the backside of the strip.  I’m showing you the back so you could see it a bit better!

With basting stitch down the center

Now pull the BOTTOM thread gently to create the ruffle.  Pulling too hard will break the thread but since you adjusted the tension on the machine you shouldn’t need to pull too hard. Keep pulling until the ruffle is the width of your leggings.  At this point you can tie the ends to secure the threads so the ruffle doesn’t come out.


Pin the ruffle to the top of the leggings where you want your first ruffle to begin {for me it was right under the waistband}. Adjust the ruffles so they are even and place a few pins along the strip to keep everything in place.

Pinning on ruffle

Now back at your machine, stitch with a regular straight stitch right on top of your basting stitch.  It doesn’t need to be perfect and it probably won’t be straight.  You are just securing your ruffles into place.

First row of ruffles done

Sewing on the ruffles

One row down, 4 more to go.  You want the ruffles close together so pin the the ruffle up {folding it in half} so you can see what you are doing as you work. I pinned the ruffle so it was right underneath the row above it as you can see in the picture below.

Next row

Pinning the second row

Next row done, just keep on going!

Almost done

Completed Ruffles

And there you have it!  An adorable little ruffled butt.  Here you can see it in action on a crawling baby. Don’t you just want to eat it up!

Crawling Ruffle Butt

Modeled Ruffle Butt Leggings {NOTE: I have 4 sons so I don’t have anyone to model my girlie creations.  I just HAD to see if the ruffles fell in the right spot so I put the leggings on my 11 month old son.  I promised his daddy I would only take pictures of the leggings, so you just pretend this is a girl OK!}

Pillowcase Dresses

 Here are a few recent creations for some darling little girls!  I am always thrilled when we get to go to a birthday party for a little girl. That means sewing girlie creations that I rarely get to make!  Pillowcase dresses are so quick and easy so I love giving them as gifts. Each of these took me less than an hour to complete and less than a yard of fabric. I like to dress them up a bit with coordinating fabrics and such.

 SO what do YOU think???