Tuesday Tutorial: Bow Board

There is nothing I love more than organization.  So it will come to no shock to you that I LOVE giving little girls bow boards for baby shower and birthday gifts.  If I had a little girl, this would definitely be one of the first items I would make her.  First of all, who wouldn’t want to organize their hairbows to make them easier to grab as you are furiously running out the door late once again for wherever you are headed that day. And second, bows are either 1. time consuming to make yourself or 2. quite expensive to purchase, so who wouldn’t want to have a place to proudly show them off!

After 4 boys of my own and 3 nephews, I am finally going to have a niece!  This is one happy auntie!  So of course, what is a crafty Auntie going to do…  pin EVERYTHING girly on Pinterest so I can create adorable things for her.  {There could be a VERY good reason that God hasn’t given me a girl! LOL We would be broke!}

Since I was creating this bow board for her I decided I would type up a quick tutorial for you as well.  These are seriously easy to make and take you just a few minutes.   No craftiness required here folks!  So if you need a quick and simple, yet fabulous and homemade present for a little girl…  you have come to just the right place!

Bow Board Tutorial

Bow Board Tutorial

Bow Board Supplies

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas {pictured is a 16×20, but you can use any size you want}
  • fabric – I used a fat quarter that was $1.99 at JoAnn’s.  In the past I have always bought a 1/2 yard of fabric but this was a cheaper option AND I found just the color I was needing.
  • 1-1 1/2 inch spool of grosgrain ribbon
  • Staple gun

Bow Board: center canvas on the back of fabric

Iron the fabric to get out any creases from being folded or on the bolt.  Place fabric face down on a hard surface and then center the canvas on top. Using the fat quarter was PERFECT for my 16×20 canvas but if you are using a 1/2 yard of fabric off the bolt you will need to trim it down adding about 2 inches on each side of the canvas.

Bow Board: stapling the fabric on

Start at one end and staple the edge of the fabric down.  Next go to the opposite end and pull the fabric tight and staple in place.  Then staple the other sides the same way.  You want the fabric tight so that it doesn’t droop when it is hanging on the wall.

Bow Board: folding the corners

Here is a close up of how I make the corners look neat.  First fold the edge straight down.  Next bring the side (the left in the picture above) over to the right (making it even to the edge of the canvas).  Finally pull the bottom up and staple it into place.  It should look like the picture below when you are done.

Bow Board: corners done

Bow Board: Measuring the ribbon spacing

The next step is to measure the spacing for your ribbons that the bows will hang on.  My marks {for 7 vertical ribbons} were each 2 1/2 inches apart starting at 1 1/2 inches from the edge.  Mark both the top and the bottom to make sure your ribbons hang straight.

Bow Board: Marking where to put the ribbons

 Above are what my marks look like.  Just some small pencil marks will work.

Bow Board: Attaching the ribbon

Now you will attach the ribbons.  Center it on your mark and staple it down.  Pull the ribbon very tight across the front and then staple it on the opposite end.  Continue that all the way across until all your ribbons are stapled in place.  At this point I typically also weave a ribbon across the top just to add an extra little accent.

Bow Board: ribbons attached

Now fill it up with BOWS and hang it on the wall!

Bow Board Tutorial

Easter is Almost Here

Sitting in church today I was reminded that Easter is only 4 weeks away!  I gotta get busy gathering goodies for the boys’ baskets {which I also have to sew!!!}.  We aren’t big on candy around here so Easter Baskets are filled with items each year that will be needed for Spring / Summer anyway.

Easter Baskets in our home are filled with the following:

  • spring / summer jammies
  • new swimsuit
  • sunglasses
  • flip flops
  • a book of some kind
  • outdoor fun things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, Play-Doh, etc.  Whatever I can find and think the boys will enjoy.  Might try to find the bigger boys kites this year!
  • A few eggs with some candy (they get plenty of candy from Grammy and Papa’s house, where we go each year and do a big egg hunt)
Last Year's Easter Buckets
For those of you that have girls, hairbows would be a perfect filler for Easter eggs!  So I whipped some up for you!  These bows are available for sale (just contact me on my Facebook page )  I also have some great Daisy Clips that are fun for Spring!

Easter Bows

Daisy Hair Clips

If I only had a girl!

…she would LIVE in pillowcase dresses!  Now, I really do love being a mommy to my 4 adorable and energetic boys. They are loving, helpful, super sweet, and stinkin’ cute!  While I would love a daughter, I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything.
But, when I come across adorable crafting projects for little girls I can’t help but dream about how a little girl of my own would look sporting a huge hairbow or a homemade skirt I made for her. I have always been a fan of pillowcase dresses. Several friends of mine have precious little girls that model them often. So one day, while wandering around JoAnn’s in search of inspiration, I decided I would make a pillowcase dress for my sweet friend Tracey’s daughter, Emma who was turning 3. I found an adorable fabric, grabbed some coordinating ribbon and I was ready to sew!
 After a quick search on Google for a tutorial, I whipped up a pillowcase dress in no time (well, almost no time. I had to stop at one point and wait until I went to JoAnn’s again the next day for some bias tape). These dresses are SUPER easy to make. And of course I had to make hairbows to go with it!  Since Emma was having a sweets themed birthday party, she needed candy hairbows!
I would make one of these for every occasion…
if I only had a girl!

Beautiful Bows

So you might be asking yourself, “What is a mom of 3 boys doing making bows?” I too, for quite sometime was NOT interested in making bows. Call me bitter for not having a sweet little girl with beautiful hair to put them in, but I just didn’t want to start making bows when I had no use for them. Then suddenly, just before a friend’s baby shower, I realized that I KNOW a lot of little girls so I could just make bows for them!

Off to Michael’s I went in search of the perfect ribbon! I was going to make a bow board and a few bows for my friend Chelsey who was due to have her first sweet baby girl in March. Well, I succeeded in finding ribbon (I confess, I have a bit of a ribbon obsession) and about $60 later I set about making bows.
I started with some simple “Classic bows” that I found directions for making. On that site I also found directions for making korker bows (the super cute curly ones!!!) and made a few of those as well. So long story short (too late), my passion for bow making was ignited!
Here are a few of my creations:

Red, White and Blue Korker Bows

Daisy Clip, perfect for attaching to a headband

Tri-Loop Bow with Button Accent

Butterfly Clippies (I can’t make the antenna, they just catch on fire!!!)

Classic Bows, LOVE this ribbon!!!

Double Layered, Tails Down Bow

Disney Tails Down Bow with Bottle Cap Accent

3-in-1 Pink Polka Dot bow, Minnie Clip can be removed

Minnie Clip (from the above bow)

Bow boards I made for my dear little Emma, my friend Tracey’s daughter