Pillowcase Dresses

 Here are a few recent creations for some darling little girls!  I am always thrilled when we get to go to a birthday party for a little girl. That means sewing girlie creations that I rarely get to make!  Pillowcase dresses are so quick and easy so I love giving them as gifts. Each of these took me less than an hour to complete and less than a yard of fabric. I like to dress them up a bit with coordinating fabrics and such.

 SO what do YOU think???

The CopyCat Bag… Thank you Pinterest!

For my birthday this year, my hubby took me to JoAnn’s and let me pick out whatever I wanted. Since I was neck deep in Christmas projects I was grateful for the break and decided to spend the afternoon making myself a little something!  I found this purse on Pinterest and I fell in LOVE.  So much so that I even snagged the same fabric used in the tutorial to make my own.

While there is quite a bit of cutting, this was a pretty easy tutorial to follow and within a few hours I had a new purse!  I added some pockets to the interior of the purse to hold chapstick and such. In retrospect I would have also put in a snap to close the bag. When I made this same bag for my sister in law for Christmas i put a snap on hers.
This purse has gotten quite a few compliments and it is roomy enough to be a perfect mommy bag!

(just tried to link back to the blog post where the tutorial was given and the page it no longer being found.)

Sweet Girl turns 2

Zachary is friends with a sweet little girl named Macy who just turned 2! Her mama has a small addiction love for pillowcase dresses so I knew the perfect gift for her. I found adorable bright colored fabric that matched Macy’s bright and sassy personality and off I went. This was whipped up while all my little guys were napping one afternoon! Can’t wait to see her in it!

Thinking WAY ahead

>I saw these adorable stuffed sea turtles and knew my nephew (well, his mama!) would love them. Might just have to make him one or two of these for his 1st birthday. He is only a week older than my youngest so I have quite a while to get them made.

We all know, I am a planner :)

If I only had a girl!

…she would LIVE in pillowcase dresses!  Now, I really do love being a mommy to my 4 adorable and energetic boys. They are loving, helpful, super sweet, and stinkin’ cute!  While I would love a daughter, I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything.
But, when I come across adorable crafting projects for little girls I can’t help but dream about how a little girl of my own would look sporting a huge hairbow or a homemade skirt I made for her. I have always been a fan of pillowcase dresses. Several friends of mine have precious little girls that model them often. So one day, while wandering around JoAnn’s in search of inspiration, I decided I would make a pillowcase dress for my sweet friend Tracey’s daughter, Emma who was turning 3. I found an adorable fabric, grabbed some coordinating ribbon and I was ready to sew!
 After a quick search on Google for a tutorial, I whipped up a pillowcase dress in no time (well, almost no time. I had to stop at one point and wait until I went to JoAnn’s again the next day for some bias tape). These dresses are SUPER easy to make. And of course I had to make hairbows to go with it!  Since Emma was having a sweets themed birthday party, she needed candy hairbows!
I would make one of these for every occasion…
if I only had a girl!

Coloring Book Bag and Crayon Roll

For my nephew’s 4th birthday I made him a coloring book tote bag and a crayon roll. These are great things to take with you anywhere and keep a child entertained!
Inside view of the bag (with pocket to hold crayon roll).
 Crayon Roll

My Crafting To Do List…

I have already been busy searching for fabrics for next year’s Christmas gifts (hey, I am going to be a mom of 4 children ages 6 and under come March and Christmas comes VERY quickly!) I figure if I make things little by little I can be stress free come November (here’s to wishful thinking! LOL).

So far on my list of things I need / want to make:
coloring book tote bag – for my nephew’s bday in January (crayon roll is already made)
Valentine chair bags for all 4 boys
burp rags for my SIL
a book sling for Zachary and Ethan’s room (made from the 2 valances I don’t need)
baskets (again, out of a valance that goes with the boys new bedding)
nursing cover for myself :)

Next Christmas gifts:
Lego sacks for 9 boys and 4 girls (their’s will be Barbie sacks)
BBQ aprons for my BILs
aprons for my sister, mom,  MIL and SILs (and Bryan too)

Better get busy!

My Hubby – The New Cake Boss!

Nope, this cake did not come from a magazine (ok, well the idea did). It came from my kitchen and my hubby! B has gotten VERY into cake making lately – we TIVO all the cake shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss. It all started with our second born, CJ’s, birthday cake. Then he made a cake for our friends 2 & 4 yr olds birthday party. And finally THIS creation, no this masterpiece!!! I am so proud of him and can’t wait to see what he does next!!!

Beautiful Bows

So you might be asking yourself, “What is a mom of 3 boys doing making bows?” I too, for quite sometime was NOT interested in making bows. Call me bitter for not having a sweet little girl with beautiful hair to put them in, but I just didn’t want to start making bows when I had no use for them. Then suddenly, just before a friend’s baby shower, I realized that I KNOW a lot of little girls so I could just make bows for them!

Off to Michael’s I went in search of the perfect ribbon! I was going to make a bow board and a few bows for my friend Chelsey who was due to have her first sweet baby girl in March. Well, I succeeded in finding ribbon (I confess, I have a bit of a ribbon obsession) and about $60 later I set about making bows.
I started with some simple “Classic bows” that I found directions for making. On that site I also found directions for making korker bows (the super cute curly ones!!!) and made a few of those as well. So long story short (too late), my passion for bow making was ignited!
Here are a few of my creations:

Red, White and Blue Korker Bows

Daisy Clip, perfect for attaching to a headband

Tri-Loop Bow with Button Accent

Butterfly Clippies (I can’t make the antenna, they just catch on fire!!!)

Classic Bows, LOVE this ribbon!!!

Double Layered, Tails Down Bow

Disney Tails Down Bow with Bottle Cap Accent

3-in-1 Pink Polka Dot bow, Minnie Clip can be removed

Minnie Clip (from the above bow)

Bow boards I made for my dear little Emma, my friend Tracey’s daughter

Cowboy Party Decorations

Howdy folks! For my son’s 3rd bday, he wanted a cowboy party. I was thrilled this was his pick since I had a few Cricut cartridges with adorable cowboy themed designs! For the sign on the front door, I used the Old West cartridge to cut out a large sherrif badge and then the Howdy shadow and word. First, I was going to just put it on a solid background, but I found that to be too plain. As I was working on the banner (see below) I had some scrap patterned paper so I used that to create a “patchwork” quilt look behind the sherrif badge. I LOVE the way it turned out. (NOTE: please excuse the bubbling of the Mod Podge! I was in a BIG hurry trying to get all the decorations done so there was some bubbling and lifting)
This is my favorite banner I have created so far. I used 2 shades of brown and cut out (using the Old West cartrdge) a rustic, western poster. Then found several papers that looked western to add some color. The font is also from the Old West cartridge. On the ends, I took a left over barn and sun and cowboy from the invitations to embellish the banner a bit more.
At Michael’s they have wooden unfinished frames for $1. I purchased two and created menus for the food and drink. These can be reused for a Old West BBQ by just changing out the paper in the frame.
For goodie bags, each child had a brown lunch sack with their initial on a sherrif badge. I tied it with some rustic rope and that was it! So simple. Inside was a water gun, a foam sherrif badge the kids made when they arrived, and some gummie worms. The children also received a bandana (red for boy and pink for girls) as they entered so they looked the part! So easy and yet so wonderful!