My To Do List for January…

The holidays came and went and with so much crafting that happened before Christmas I wanted nothing more than to be LAZY  after Christmas.  So that is pretty much what happened!  I watched movies, played with the boys, planned some New Year’s Eve fun with my family and pinned away on Pinterest.

So when January arrived I suddenly realized just how crazy busy I needed to be in order to get done all that I need to get done.  I planned out posts and tutorials I want to share with you. There are way to many versions of a to do list and supply lists floating around my craft room and I have piles {all sorted} of projects that need to get completed.

This is a post where I don’t necessarily SHOW you myself what I am doing {since I haven’t done most of them yet}, but instead I am going to show you where the ideas for my upcoming projects came from.  I have one nephew’s bday, 2 baby showers, a neiece’s birthday, my oldest son’s and a few projects I want to get done for Valentine’s Day!

Here we go:

1. Newphew’s Bday Gift – Fort Kit


If you are on Pinterest you might have seen a version or two of these floating around.  My sweetest friend made a fort kit for my boys’ last Christmas and we have had LOTS of fun creating with it!  I LOVE gifts that are TOYS but are still oh so fun and encourage PLAY.  My post for my version of a fort kit will be coming up next Tuesday, but for now I will show you where the idea came from.

 2. Baby Shower – one for a friend, one for my sister-in-law


Seems to be baby season all around me and with that being the case I have two baby showers to go to in January.  The first is for a woman that we have known for years now.  It’s a Dr. Suess theme (remember one near and dear to my heart) so I know it is going to be adorable.  I love giving handmade gifts – shocking I know – so I decided this time to make a carrier cover.  I wish I had one of these when my boys were small. A blanket, while having the same function, just isn’t as lovely as a cover that is handmade!

For my sister-in-law, I made the invites and will be very busy soon crafting up banners, cupcake toppers and more! YAY!!!  She wanted an owl theme so I put two owls sitting on a tree branch on the invites.  Super cute!  I will be sure to take pictures and show you all I make for the shower.  Might even do a few party tutorials on how to make banners, water bottle wrappers, cupcake toppers and more.

MBC - invites in progress


3.  My niece’s upcoming birthday

For those of you that don’t know, I finally have nieces!!!  After 6 years of having only boys on my hubby’s side of the family (my four included) I now have 3 nieces and one more on the way (see the pink and purple baby shower invites pictured above!)  Needless to say I have LOTS of ideas on my If I Only Had a Girl board on Pinterest that will now be getting some attention!  One item that I have seen and wanted to try out was felt food.  Since I am {sigh} at the end of my baby years, I wasn’t sure this was the right thing for me to invest my time in creating for my boys.  Now, however, I am obsessed and can’t stop searching for and pinning felt food ideas.  Thankfully felt is cheap!

I have a huge list of food I want to make for my nieces.  They got a lovely pink princess kitchen for Christmas and it NEEDS food for them to cook in it!  One has a February birthday and the other is in April so I can spread out my felting of food a bit.  My boys now also want some sets (and I want to play with them too!) so I will probably be making doubles of everything.  I’ll post my felt foods as I get them sewn.  Lots of hand sewing is involved so I am hoping my hand can hold out!

5. Superhero Slumber Party

My oldest is about to be 8 yrs old and he is finally to the age of slumber parties.  While I do LOVE to throw parties (as seen here and here) they are a lot of work and with 3 boys with birthday months all back to back, this busy mama needed a break!  So my two older boys both agreed to forego family dinners this year for slumber parties.

My oldest has requested a Superhero party so I started searching for boy slumber party ideas.  I found a few cute superhero party themed ideas. I am hoping time allows for some personalized party favors for the boys that come.  These makes are so awesome!

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

6.  Valentine Projects

I finally completed my version of the conversation hearts hanger I found on Pinterest last Valentine’s Day.

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

I never got around to completing the last few steps of the project.  It now is proudly hanging on the wall by my front door.

MBC- Conversation Heart Hanger

I will be selling these until Valentine’s Day so if you want one you can place on order by sending me a message on my

Facebook page! I’m selling them for $15 for up to 4 hearts and $3 for each additional heart after that.  Let me know if you

want some cuteness hanging on your wall for Valentine’s Day.

I will also be working on some new wreaths for Valentine’s Day so check back to see what I have come up with!

I’m already tired thinking of the work I have ahead of me but I am always excited to craft and try out some new things!

Mom’s been BUSY… Crafting!

I was given the opportunity to have a vendor booth at a Fall Festival this weekend. Since I don’t usually do “this sort of thing” I took some time to pray, talk to my hubby, and decide whether or not it would be good for my little business. Ultimately we decided it would, so I got busy. And I mean BUSY! Lots of shirts, vinyl, sewing and tiles later I am almost ready.

The show is this Saturday from 11am-2pm at a local preschool. I have NO clue what to expect, no idea what is going to sell and what isn’t, but I am trying to be as prepared as I can be. Samples of shirts have been made so customers can see my designs, several “grab-able” products have been sewn or made, and I am working on getting my inventory up with Christmas gift options.

I will let you know how it goes and show you pictures of my booth (It is afterall something with MY name and reputation on it, therefore it MUST look cute too). Pray I do well and if you can, please swing by.

To check out what I have been making and to see what I will have for sale, click on over to my Facebook page to see what I have been up to!

Celebrating Fun: October 2012

October comes with a lot of fun on its own.  I mean any month where you get TONS of candy is a good month.  In our house we have a few traditions that come along in October.  While there aren’t as many “fun” days to celebrate there are still plenty of ways to keep busy in October and I plan on celebrating with my sweet little monsters.

 A few of our yearly traditions in October are:

Making Mummy Dogs – always dinner on Halloween but usually a couple other times in the month!

Family trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip

Carving pumpkins with Aunt Darla – though she recently moved to Colorado, we are hoping to visit in October and still carve pumpkins with her.

Pumpkin Carving with Aunt Darla

Family Pumpkin Carving Night – my SIL started a couple years ago having us all come over and carve pumpkins together.  It is a fun and silly time with my hubby’s side of the family that we love!

The 5 older cousins with all the pumpkins

Hallelujah Night – where we celebrate Halloween, our church’s Halloween carnival


October Unique Holidays:

3rd – National Techies Day (my hubby is a web developer so I might just have to surprise him with something!)

4th – National Golf Day – for sure a day I won’t have to force my hubby to participate in ;)


5th – Do Something Nice Day – sounds like some random acts of kindness will be in order!

14th – National Dessert Day – what to make???

16th – Dictionary Day – a homeschooling mom’s favorite type of holiday, it can fit right into schoolwork!

3rd week in October – Pastoral Care week – do something nice for the pastor of your church

30th – National Candy Corn Day – I am sure my boys will LOVE this one!

31st – Halloween & Carve a Pumpkin Day


Here is the complete list of things to celebrate in October!

Which holidays are you going to celebrate???


Celebrating Fun: September 2012

Our family LOVES to celebrate fun holidays like National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, Cousin Day, and World Card Making Day.  One of my friends and fan of my Facebook Page suggested that I post a list of holidays each month that I will be celebrating, that way you can celebrate along with us!  What a fabulous idea!!!

So here is a short list of the fun and unique holidays that my family will be celebrating in September.  This month is a fabulous month to start these posts since there are so many fun holidays to celebrate!  We are really looking forward to all the fun we will have this month!

September Holidays

5th –  Cheese Pizza Day (guess what we had for lunch!)

9th – Grandparents Day – I have some great gift ideas on my Pinterest board, like THIS and THIS!

12th – Chocolate Milkshake Day

16th – Play-Doh Day  - try making some Kool-Aid Play-Doh with the kiddos!  The bright colors are so fun and the smell is AMAZING!

Play-Doh Fun

18th – Cheeseburger Day (can you say In-N-Out for dinner AKA Mama doesn’t have to cook night!)

19th – Talk like a Pirate Day – my boys will LOVE this day. Costumes are a must!

Littlest Pirate

21st – Mini Golf Day – (off to Mulligans we will go!)

23rd – Checkers Day – Perfect game for after church

26th – Johnny Appleseed Day – read a book about Johnny Appleseed and have a yummy snack!


Here is the calendar I have gone to for years to tell me what holidays are in each month!


Check back in October for more Celebrating Fun ideas!!!

Mom’s Busy… Life Happens

It has been over a month since I posted.  Life sometimes happens and over the past month “life” has been happening over here.  We recently moved (news to you, it was to me as well!).  Within less than two weeks I packed up my entire old house, moved into the new house, and unpacked (had to be unpacked quick since the new homeschool year needed to get going!).  Needless to say, I haven’t had much time for blogging, crafting, or sewing.

Now that we are pretty much settled and the school year has begun I am hoping to get back into crafting.  Fall is coming and I have SOOO many projects I want to craft.  Until I get those started, I am going to catch up a bit on some posts I wanted to blog about over the past month and just couldn’t until now.  I did a bit of crafting with a friend that teaches 3rd grade to help her get ready for her new school year (that made me miss teaching, just a little bit).  My little guy also just had his 3rd birthday so I made a few pirate themed party decorations for our celebration with family and friends.

So check back soon for those projects as well as a giveaway! Thinking of helping you get in the mood for fall with a fall project so I am going to make TWO, one for me and one for one of my readers!  Keep on reading the blog and checking the Facebook page for details on how to enter!

Women’s Tea Table

This past weekend, my church held a women’s tea.  Over the past several years the women’s ministry has put on a few of these and I have had the privilege of attended all but one of them.  These are special times of fellowship and teaching with my fellow sisters in Christ and I am always so blessed by what God has to teach me while I am there.

I was honored this year to be asked to host a table.  That means I got to decorate and bring all the tea necessities to set up a table for myself and 7 other ladies.  Having hosted a table in the past for a Christmas tea using my Christmas dishes, I knew a bit of what was expected, but this time I got to use my china pattern which hardly ever gets removed from my china hutch in the dining room.

Tea table

The china in and of itself was a blessing as it was given to me by a sister in Christ at my previous church just a few years after Bryan and I got married.  You see, like many couples now a days, we didn’t register for a china pattern.  I knew that 1) I probably wouldn’t have many people that would buy it for us and 2) it wasn’t really something I would use often enough to justify storing.  Plus, I already had my Christmas china being collected (thanks to my wonderful mother and eBay) so I didn’t really feel the need for “regular” china as well.  But this sweet woman was getting ready to be given a set of dishes from an estate sale and she already had 2 sets at home.  So when she heard that I didn’t have a set of china, she offered me what I have now!  The set included a very random assortment of pieces – 17 dinner plates, 19 tea cups, 18 saucers and I believe that was all.  Again, my wonderful mom has searched and found me salad plates, bread plates, bowls, coffee mugs and a variety of serving dishes to round out my set.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to have a chance to pull out my dishes and put them on display along with the decorations for my table.  Being that my  china is mostly blue (NOT my favorite) I decided to pull out the less obvious pink and grey colors from the design to work with on my table.  Maybe the grey stood out after working so many weeks on the grey crib bedding but I LOVE the color now!

A few quick searches on Pinterest revealed that there wasn’t too much out there for tea tables.  Searching on Pinterest can be a difficult thing if you don’t know the right key words! So I just began searching for table cloth ideas.  Knowing it can be difficult to find round table cloths I had made up my mind I was going to make my own.  This pin was the inspiration for my table cover. Since I made it all in one LONG, LATE night I didn’t take pictures of the process.  It wasn’t hard but it took quite a bit of time.

Ruffled Tablecover

The chargers I found at Party City.  I love the girly charm they bring (heck, with a houseful of boys any time I can do something girly and pink I am all over it!).

Place setting

There were so many beautiful tables at the tea! Here are just a few for you to see.

table 2Table 3table 4table 5table 6table 1

Back to Blogging

This mama hasn’t been so busy crafting lately.  The 20th of April marked 10 years of marriage for my hubby and me so we took a much deserved anniversary trip to Florida.  We spent 5 days running and playing at DisneyWorld without the boys and had a wonderful time!

Starting off the trip

We began our journey together over 13 years ago when my husband asked me to be his girlfriend at Disneyland while in line for It’s A Small World.  Thus began our fairytale.  So needless to say, all things Disney hold a special place in our hearts.  We had wanted to go to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon but cost, travel worries, and wanting a more low key honeymoon won out and we ended up renting a cabin in Big Bear.  So our 10th anniversary was the perfect time to take the trip we had been wanting.

Animal Kindgom Park

So now that we are back home and back to reality, this mama will be getting busy again and whipping up lots of crafty things for you.  With Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation week, and Father’s Day just around the corner you have lots to look forward to!

My Sewing To Do List for 2012

Thanks to Pinterest I have a huge list of projects i want to complete!  Several are for myself to dress up my craft room a bit. Here is what I am going to be working on…

-Curtains for under my desks, I need to hide all the supplies i have stored under there and add more color to the room.
- a sewing machine cover
- an ironing board cover (to match the sewing machine cover)
- curtains for the window
- just found these cute terry cloth (AKA Towel) shower curtains today!


I have completed the sewing machine cover, the ironing board cover, and the curtains.  I am in the process of getting the curtains under my desk cut and sewn (not an easy task when you are working with yards of fabric at a time). Had a small change of plans for the shower curtain as it is difficult to find BIG towels.  I am instead going to use home decor fabric to create a new shower curtain for the boys’ bathroom.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to do that yet.

The CopyCat Bag… Thank you Pinterest!

For my birthday this year, my hubby took me to JoAnn’s and let me pick out whatever I wanted. Since I was neck deep in Christmas projects I was grateful for the break and decided to spend the afternoon making myself a little something!  I found this purse on Pinterest and I fell in LOVE.  So much so that I even snagged the same fabric used in the tutorial to make my own.

While there is quite a bit of cutting, this was a pretty easy tutorial to follow and within a few hours I had a new purse!  I added some pockets to the interior of the purse to hold chapstick and such. In retrospect I would have also put in a snap to close the bag. When I made this same bag for my sister in law for Christmas i put a snap on hers.
This purse has gotten quite a few compliments and it is roomy enough to be a perfect mommy bag!

(just tried to link back to the blog post where the tutorial was given and the page it no longer being found.)

My Crafting To Do List…

I have already been busy searching for fabrics for next year’s Christmas gifts (hey, I am going to be a mom of 4 children ages 6 and under come March and Christmas comes VERY quickly!) I figure if I make things little by little I can be stress free come November (here’s to wishful thinking! LOL).

So far on my list of things I need / want to make:
coloring book tote bag – for my nephew’s bday in January (crayon roll is already made)
Valentine chair bags for all 4 boys
burp rags for my SIL
a book sling for Zachary and Ethan’s room (made from the 2 valances I don’t need)
baskets (again, out of a valance that goes with the boys new bedding)
nursing cover for myself :)

Next Christmas gifts:
Lego sacks for 9 boys and 4 girls (their’s will be Barbie sacks)
BBQ aprons for my BILs
aprons for my sister, mom,  MIL and SILs (and Bryan too)

Better get busy!