Sugar, Aprons, and Christmas Lights

Tis the season to bake!  As is tradition on my husband’s side of the family, we all got together this past Sunday and had an afternoon of making goodies to give to friends and neighbors.  This is mostly handled by my mother-in-law and all my sisters-in-law while the kiddos play and the hubbies watch sports.  Since rolled cookies take a lot of time and there isn’t a whole lot of space in my mother-in-law’s kitchen, I volunteered to bring the sugar cookies (aka teacakes as we call them in my family) for the children to decorate. After a couple days of mixing, chilling, and rolling out dough and many cookie sheets full of cookies, the teacakes and gingerbread cookies were ready for decorating.

To add to my already long list of things that need to be done by Christmas, I got the bright idea on a trip to JoAnn’s (the Thursday before the cookie baking, I might add) to make all the nieces and nephews matching aprons.  That meant 4 for my boys, 3 for Shannon’s kiddos, 3 for Angie’s (newly adopted!!! YAY) little ones, 1 for Kim’s little man, and then 2 tiny aprons of for sister in law’s baby (she is due in March so she was already busy “baking” her little girl, but next year she will join in the baking fun!) and one for my sweet friend, Kayla’s little guy.  That is a grand total of 12 aprons that needed to be made in about 48 hours!  My excitement got me through a couple late nights and I got all the aprons done by Saturday evening!

I was so excited to have the little ones open their baking treats.  Most of them immediately put them on and began decorating the 1 or 2 cookies they selected.  The thrill was over quickly and off they all went to play again, but I know the aprons will get well used for years to come!  {I am terribly sad, however, that we didn’t get a group picture!}

Baby Mills decorating cookies

Z and C with their new aprons

Cookie decorating

C decorating like a pro

After all the treat making was finished, the whole family headed to a neighborhood here in So Cal that is always overly decked out with Christmas lights.  Talk about a “winter wonderland” as my 5 yr old would say!  We walk up and down the street admiring all the shining lights and yard decorations and enjoy making memories and taking pictures.  It is a yearly tradition that I have come to love and I know it is something my boys will always remember!

Family pic looking at lights

I am trying to be better about taking more family shots when we have these sort of outings so I made sure we got one!

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