Tuesday Tutorial: Simple Curtains

We recently moved and our new home as several of the high windows without blinds.  So at certain parts of the day, the sun comes shining in quite brightly! I LOVE the sunshine, don’t get me wrong, but when it is 5pm and you are trying to cook dinner, being blinded by the sun isn’t very helpful.

So off to JoAnn’s I went to find a solution.  Lucky for me, there was lots of home decor fabric in the clearance section one day and when I saw this fabric I thought it would look quite nice in my new kitchen.  There wasn’t much left on the bolt but thankfully there was just enough for what I needed (and for only a few dollars!!!).

So without further ado, here is a quick and simple curtain tutorial.


Tutorial: Simple Curtains

Mom's Busy Crafting - Simple Curtains Tutorial


  • fabric (I used a little over a yard of home decor fabric, which is thicker so it would block more light)
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • curtain rod
First I began by opening my fabric up and cutting it in half to make two narrow panels.  I need width more that length.  I wanted the stripes to run vertically for these curtains so I had to fold it the opposite way that it came off the bolt.

Cut fabric in half to make the width double

Take one of the panels and cut it in half along the strip.  I didn’t want a seam right down the middle of my curtains so I did this so the seams would be on either side of the long panel.

Cut one panel in half

Pin the panels together and sew them together.  I then serged the raw edges to finish them (and keep them from unraveling).  This step isn’t necessary but does help them hold up better especially if you are planning to launder your curtains often.  (NOTE: If you don’t have a serger, you can use an overlock stitch on your machine.)

Pin smaller panels to either side of the long panel

I then top stitched each of the seams toward the center panel to flatten them down.  Here is a view from the back.

Back view of top stitching

I then serged all the edges all round the sides to keep the fabric from fraying and to allow me to only press the sides twice.  If you don’t have a serger then simply fold the sides in a 1/4″ and then turn them again and press so that the raw edge is completely hidden.  Press each side and the bottom.

Turn hem 1/4 inch along sides and bottom

Pin pressed hem into place and then sew around the sides and bottom.

Pin into place

Now to create the rod pocket.  Press the top 1/4″ down.  Then turn the fabric down again measuring it to make sure it will fit onto the curtain rod. I was using a narrow rod so I turned it down only 2″.  Sew the rod pocket along the bottom of the fold.

2" Rod pocket

Now my hubby had to help a bit.  The curtain was done so he needed to hang the curtain (first the rod had to be installed).

Hubby hanging curtain rod

See how the left side of the window the so bright, that is where the sun would come in.  This time of day (right about time to make dinner) the sun is like a spotlight on the stove!

Kitchen BEFORE -

Kitchen - before

Kitchen AFTER -

Mom's Busy Crafting - Simple Curtains Tutorial


So much better, the curtains were barely long enough to cover the window and a little bit of light still comes in but this is a HUGE improvement!!!  I was working with clearance fabric so for just a few dollars this was a perfect fix.

I LOVE the added bit of color the curtains add to the kitchen! While sitting in the family room today, I kept admiring how nice the kitchen looks now with the little bit of color above the window.


***To adapt this for any window you will just need to do a bit of math.  My window being one of the high decorative types was only about 2 feet high by about 6 feet wide.  To make this work for you, measure your window, then add an inch to the length for the bottom hem and about 4″ for the rod pocket depending on the size of your curtain rod.  For the width, you will need to add an inch on either side for the hem.  After that, it just depends on the width of your window, whether or not you want one panel or more, and how much you want it to bunch.  (I realize that isn’t very precise but all windows are different.)

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