Christmas is coming!!!

Yep, that’s right! Only 69 days until Christmas.  I haven’t had much time for personal projects lately since I have been making lots of items to stock my shop.  You read that right my shop is open for business.  I can now take online orders.  WhoooHoo, just in time for Christmas.  It is stocked with boo boo bags, decorative tiles, pillowcase dresses, custom signs, and purses.  And don’t forget about custom shirts!

Have you started shopping?  Are you making gifts this year?  Since I didn’t do a Tuesday Tutorial today I thought I would share with you some past gift ideas and tutorials to help you get your gift planning going.  I am right along with you this year as I have NO idea what I am doing for gifts this year.  {sigh}

Little Girl Gifts

Bow Board

Pillowcase dress

Little Boy Gifts

Lego Sack

Marshmallow Gun

Family Gift Ideas (think Grandparents)

Hanging Picture Frames


There are just a few gift ideas from things I personally have given in the past.  My boys got the Lego sacks for Christmas last year, as did all my nephews.  My sister in law made the boys the marshmallow guns and they had a blast (note: if you make these for children be sure to a couple for the parents too so they have some ammo of their own!)



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