Mom’s been BUSY… Crafting!

I was given the opportunity to have a vendor booth at a Fall Festival this weekend. Since I don’t usually do “this sort of thing” I took some time to pray, talk to my hubby, and decide whether or not it would be good for my little business. Ultimately we decided it would, so I got busy. And I mean BUSY! Lots of shirts, vinyl, sewing and tiles later I am almost ready.

The show is this Saturday from 11am-2pm at a local preschool. I have NO clue what to expect, no idea what is going to sell and what isn’t, but I am trying to be as prepared as I can be. Samples of shirts have been made so customers can see my designs, several “grab-able” products have been sewn or made, and I am working on getting my inventory up with Christmas gift options.

I will let you know how it goes and show you pictures of my booth (It is afterall something with MY name and reputation on it, therefore it MUST look cute too). Pray I do well and if you can, please swing by.

To check out what I have been making and to see what I will have for sale, click on over to my Facebook page to see what I have been up to!


  1. Laurie Angevine says:

    I love your stuff~where is this fall festival? I would live to see your stuff in person!

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