Celebrating Cousin Day

My husband comes from a large family and I love it!  It is wonderful that my boys have 5 Aunts and 4 Uncles as well as 3 cousins on his side (1 Aunt and 2 Uncles and 1 cousin on my side).  It is great when we all get together with the family (all 20 of us).  There are 7 grandsons all 7 and under!  (Don’t worry the family is finally getting a GIRL in September!)  It is so much fun.  With the exception of my oldest, the cousins all came in pairs so they have buddies to play with.

My mom was the youngest of 8 so I have TONS of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Second Cousins.  Unfortunately they have always lived quite far away so I don’t see them often at all. In fact I haven’t seen my mom’s side of the family since I was in high school :(

I love to celebrate fun and obscure holidays so when I found a Cousin Day on my calendar I immediately planned a trip with my sisters in law.  We all have passes to SeaWorld so a day of fun was set!  To make it even more fun and excited I wanted to make the boys shirts that matched.  The front design was the same but the sets of siblings each had their own color of shirt so you can see which boy belongs to which family.  On the backs I put the boys’ names as well as the order they were born in.

Cousin Day shirts


Here they are smiling for a quick picture before heading off for more fun.  It was at this point when I realized I should have made my sister in law that is expecting a girl a shirt that says #8, finally getting a GIRL.

I have a cute picture of the boys all lined up so you can see the fronts and backs of their shirts but it is on my camera and since I can’t upload those pictures yet, I will have to update this post soon! I can’t wait to celebrate Cousin Day again next year with the “new” cousins that will join the family in 2012-2013!  This is an annual tradition I definitely want to keep!


  1. this is so cute, Allison. and I love your blog and tutorials. I wonder if you do custom letters for iron on- I do not have a cricut or silhouette machine and don’t have the time to buy and learn how to use it at this moment!! Could you email me?

    Thanks so much- Janis

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