Tutorial Tuesday: Pillowcase Dress with Coordinating Panel

Alright, so last week I posted my version of a pillowcase dress tutorial and I got feedback from a couple friends.  They have tested out the tutorial and gave their approvals (and made some pretty adorable dresses!).

Now, I usually get a bit fancier when I make my dresses by adding a coordinating panel of fabric on the bottom.  It just adds a bit more to the dress to make it POP a bit more!  And I LOVE me some cute coordinating fabrics!!!

Using the chart I posted about in last week’s post, shorten the length of the main panel by at least 3 inches (the larger the dress size, the larger you want your panel to be.  For this dress, I was making a 4t dress so my panel was 8″ long {I look about 7″ off the main panel measurement}.

Pin the right sides together along the bottom and sew pieces together.

Press the seam down toward the bottom of the dress.

Top stitch the pressed seam down for a more finished look.  {I am a BIG fan in top stitching!  In the end, it makes the dress lay nicer and when it is washed you won’t have to iron the seam down again}.

 Line up the seams and fold right sides together.  You are pretty much going to follow the simple version tutorial. Sew up side seam, mark and cut arm holes, add bias tape, and create the casing on the top for the tie.

For this tutorial, I also wanted to show you a quick way to hem a pillowcase dress if you aren’t wanting to press the hem.  Just use bias tape (the REALLY wide hem tape looks great!) and sew it on as described in last week’s post.

Now that the hem is finished, here is another way to create a tie instead of using ribbon or bias tape.  You can make your own with a 4 inch panel of fabric (cut selvage to selvage).  Sew the pieces right sides together, leaving about a 3 inch section for turning your tie, and angle the ends of the tie (if you want!).

Turn the tie right side out, press, and top stitch all the way around closing the hole.  Thread through the casing and tie a pretty bow!

Here is the completed dress.  Now go sew up some precious dresses!  You could even sew on coordinating ribbon to the bottom instead of fabric like I did here.  If you want to see another example, you can check here!

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