Summer’s Here – End of the School Year gift

I used to not like summer.  As a child I never looked forward to several months away from my school friends staying home and being bored.  Sure, I loved the break from homework and classes, but that would wear off quickly.

When I was a 6th grade teacher, summer break was such a welcome sight!  Months and months of LONG days and weekends spent grading papers were gone and the new school year was several weeks in the future.  As a mommy now that is homeschooling one child and driving another to preschool 3 days a week, can I just say I have been counting the days until summer break!  {Anyone else???}

Teachers work hard and they NEED their summers off to relax just as much as the students (and us mommies) need too!  You know me, I love to spoil my boys’ teachers since I know first hand how hard they work.  So when I saw this idea for an end of the year gift, I knew it was perfect!

To cut down on expenses (and use up some of the junk items I have saved in the garage for repurposing into something creative), I decided to use these babies:
drink carrier

A while ago, after a run to Sonic for Happy Hour, I received one of these fabulous drink carriers.  That prompted another trip to Sonic for a second one a few weeks later.  Today, however, I was bummed when I asked my hubby to pick me up just one more and he brought home a much smaller version :(

The goodies

Here is the run down on what I got to fill the drink carrier.  Overall it was only $23 at Target!!!  Since I have 3 teachers to buy for that was a bargain – plus I had 2 of my friends with children in the same classes split the cost with me so that made it even better!

Reuseable cup $3.99 (Ross)

Towel $6.99

Candy $1 each

Flip-Flops $2.50 – gotta love the dollar spot!

Lays Chips $1 – on sale

Magazine $3.99

Crystal Light Lemonade $2.04 (used half the package in one and the other half in the other)


Now onto how I decorated the drink carrier:

Cover with paper

First I cut some scrapbook paper to fit each side of the carrier

mine was 8 1/2″ by 5″

tacky spray

Have you used this Tacky Spray?  I LOVE this stuff!

So easy for adhering paper and it was perfect for this project.


Then I typed up some simple and quick tags (thanks to Skip to my Lou for the cute rhyme!)

finished gift

And here is the finished product!  Can’t wait to spoil some teachers over the next couple of days with these.

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