Spring Wreath

Ever since discovering that rolled flowers were an amazing way to use up my scraps I had been planning on making a wreath out of the flowers.  While skimming over Pinterest one day, I found this great tutorial for a wreath covered ENTIRELY with rolled flowers! Being that rolled flowers are VERY time consuming I knew an entire wreath made of them just wasn’t going to happen, so I quickly decided I wanted to just use them as accents on a simple wreath for spring/ summer.

I am loving blues, greens, and yellows right now and my drawer of blue and green fabric scraps is OVERFLOWING so this was a great way to use up some of those scraps (I still have a FULL drawer!).  So the colors of my wreath were decided, now all I had to do was roll a bunch of flowers.  These are great to work on while watching TV as long as you can have a glue gun nearby.  All you need are long scraps of fabric about 1″ to 2″ wide and some small circles of felt for the backs.  Tie a knot at one end of your fabric and then roll and fold the fabric around the knot.  Hold on tight to the flower as you are rolling and once you are done, hot glue it onto the felt circle.  I then would go back and put dots of hot glue in between the folds and rolls just to make them stay a bit more secure.  Here is my progress from one evening.

Rolled flowers

I wanted this wreath to be pretty simple (I think simple things are more beautiful) so I simply glued the finished flowers onto a grapevine wreath I bought at JoAnn’s.  I love the simplicity of it and think it is just perfect for spring and summer.


Spring Wreath completed

I ended up making LOTS of the rolled flowers (and I have a basketful of more scraps to continue working on some for headbands, frames, hairclips, etc) so I decided to make this the project I was giving away on my Facebook page!  My page made it to 100 likes so I had a giveaway and the lucky winner a wreath for their door too!

Close up view

Happy spring!

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  1. Ohhh what a great way to use up scraps, which I have a lot of! The wreath looks great with the flowers.

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