Tutorial Tuesday: Sunglasses Case

A few months ago, a woman from our church sent me a message asking if I could sew her a fabric case for her reading glasses.  I hadn’t made one before but it didn’t seem like too complicated of a process so I told her I would be happy to.  For those of you with lots of scraps like me this is a perfect project for using them up!  With just a couple fairly small scraps you can quickly make a case for your sunglasses (or eyeglasses) that will protect them from scratches.

So here is the tutorial I came up with.

Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses Case

1/4 yard of main fabric (or a scrap about 8″ x 8 1/2″)

1/4 yard of lining fabric ( or a scrap about 8″ x 8 1/2″)

batting (8″ x 8″)

coordinating thread

about 30 minutes of free time

NOTE: for the case pictured my scrap wasn’t quite long enough so I used some of  the lining fabric as an accent on the outside of the case. 


Start by cutting all your fabrics and batting to 8″ x 8 1/2″ pieces (cut batting in 8″ x 8″ square to allow for less bulk when closing top edge). *** If you have the oversized sunglasses you might want to cut pieces to 9″ x 8 1/2″ to have a bit of extra room. ***

Cut pieces

Place the lining fabric on top of the batting with the right side facing up.  Then put the main fabric on the lining so the right sides are together.

pinned layers

Sew around all sides leaving the top unsewn for turning.

Clip corner and trim excess batting away from sides (to reduce bulk) then turn fabrics right sides out and press so that all the layers are smoothed out.


Press the top edges of the case in all the way around and then top stitch closed (sealing the side that was left open).

turned edges

top edge closed

Fold the case in half with the lining on the inside and topstitch all the way around the case starting at the bottom and working up to the top.  Be sure to backstitch at the bottom and top ends of the case to really secure it.

top stitched closed

And that’s it!  You now have a great case for protecting your glasses from scratches while they hang out in your purse.  These would make great gifts to have on hand in your gift stash so make a few extra!

finished cases

Happy Crafting!

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