More Busy Bag Swapping

Last month’s Busy Bag swap was such a success with my friends we of course wanted to have another one ASAP! So it was decided that we would take the month of March to work on our bags {however, many of my friends are just like me and waited until the week of the swap or even the day before to get them done, guess that’s why we are all friends right! }  I posted about last month’s swap and showed you all the great activities the eleven of us made for our little ones.  This month brought even more fun to the mix.

This month many of us weren’t able to get together all at the same time to do the swap so I just had a few friends over and then everyone else dropped their bags off.  Then I sorted out all the activities into separate bags so that we each had all eleven activities {this is where I got to walk around my dining room table about 100 times first putting each group of bags in a pile and then walking around placing one of each kind of bag into separate bags for each mama}.

Busy Bags

Here are the activities we created for our little ones this month:

Button Snake
Chalk Blocks
Pipe Cleaner toy
Beads into a Water Bottle
Beads into an ice cube tray 
Discovery Bottles
Moon Sand
Magnetic Pom Poms
Lacing Cards
Matching Jars
Playdoh Mats

I can’t wait for next month (and neither can my friends!).  We have now done 22 toddler busy bags and will move on to preschool level bags next month.

School starts up again next week so we will have lots of time to play with our new busy bags while my oldest his completing his work.  Did I mention before how much my OLDER boys enjoyed the bags as well!  It is crazy how some plastic eggs and a pencil fishing pole are fun for all ages.

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