Happy Easter!

Happy Easter (or Resurrection Day  as we like to call it around here!).

I have been very busy getting orders completed and trying to get ready for my WEEK LONG, KID-FREE vacation with my hubby! Unfortunately that means I haven’t been doing such a great job keeping up on my blogging.  I did want to write a quick Easter post though to fill you in on our Easter Traditions around here.

Easter Baskets

Easter Pails

I am a practial mama and I didn’t like the idea of spending a bunch of money on “Easter” themed fillers for Easter baskets each year.  I mean, how many stuffed bunnies can you have.  So early in my “motherhood” years I was talking about what to put in Easter baskets with my co-worker (told you this was early in my mommy years and I was still teaching full time), and she mentioned that she always filled her children’s baskets with summer goodies they would soon be needing!  PERFECT!  Thus started our tradition of filling the baskets with spring and summer necessities.

Typically our Easter buckets are filled with:

  • swimsuits (just not this year as my boys do NOT need them this year)
  • flipflops
  • sunglasses
  • a book (LOVE Bearenstein bears!)
  • summer jammies
  • a DVD, game, or other treat
  • bubbles, sidewalk chalk
  • a little bit of candy (they get lots of that from Grammy!)
This year I added in a thermos cup since the boys are outgrowing sippy cups.  Also found Color Wonder Marker sets at Walmart on clearance and some Star Wars yo-yos on clearance at Target.

Sunday Best

Bow Tie

I have gotten a bit of a reputation for having my adorable boys in adorable clothes on holidays.  This I don’t mind since my boys are adorable and I love to shop for matching or coordinating outfits for them.  However, as they are getting older and now that there are FOUR of them, that gets kinda pricey!  So this year I decided to make it a little simpler.  The boys already had these white shirts and I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for making some handsome little man bow ties.  Here they are all dressed in their Sunday best!

Sunday Best

Resurrection Rolls

When my oldest was in preschool, one day he had to bring in crescent rolls for an Easter potluck.  I signed up to bring those and dutifully went to the grocery store on the way to drop him off at school that morning.  After school when I picked him up, there was a strange looking crescent roll in his cubby on a paper towel.  This was when I learned about resurrection rolls!

These Easter treats explain how Jesus’s body was covered in oil and spices before being wrapped in strips of linen and placed in a garden tomb.  But the surprise is that after they are cooked Jesus isn’t in the tomb!  He is RISEN!

Needed Items:

1 tube of crescent rolls

large marshmallows

2 tbsp melted butter

1/2 cup cugar

1 tsp cinnamon

First melt your butter in a small bowl.  While it is melting in the microwave, mix up cinnamon sugar in another small bowl.  Place a marshmallow in the melted butter  and then into the cinnamon sugar mixture (Explain to the kiddos that after Jesus was crucified he was quickly covered in oil and spices).

Next, take the marshmallow and completely enclose it with the crescent roll making sure to seal the edges very well.  (Explain that Jesus was placed in a tomb and a stone was rolled in front of the tomb to seal it up tight).

Bake the crescent rolls according to the directions on the package (mine said 375 degrees for 12 minutes).  Once the rolls are golden brown, take them out and let them cool a bit – take them off the cookie sheets quickly though as the marshmallows have usually melted all over and will start to harden making it very difficult to get the rolls off the cookie sheet.  Then enjoy them!  After your first bite you will see that Jesus is no longer in the tomb!  He is RISEN!

Resurrection Rolls


Such a great visual for children and a perfect reminder of what Easter is truly about!

What are your Easter Traditions???

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