Spring Wreath

Ever since discovering that rolled flowers were an amazing way to use up my scraps I had been planning on making a wreath out of the flowers.  While skimming over Pinterest one day, I found this great tutorial for a wreath covered ENTIRELY with rolled flowers! Being that rolled flowers are VERY time consuming I knew an entire wreath made of them just wasn’t going to happen, so I quickly decided I wanted to just use them as accents on a simple wreath for spring/ summer.

I am loving blues, greens, and yellows right now and my drawer of blue and green fabric scraps is OVERFLOWING so this was a great way to use up some of those scraps (I still have a FULL drawer!).  So the colors of my wreath were decided, now all I had to do was roll a bunch of flowers.  These are great to work on while watching TV as long as you can have a glue gun nearby.  All you need are long scraps of fabric about 1″ to 2″ wide and some small circles of felt for the backs.  Tie a knot at one end of your fabric and then roll and fold the fabric around the knot.  Hold on tight to the flower as you are rolling and once you are done, hot glue it onto the felt circle.  I then would go back and put dots of hot glue in between the folds and rolls just to make them stay a bit more secure.  Here is my progress from one evening.

Rolled flowers

I wanted this wreath to be pretty simple (I think simple things are more beautiful) so I simply glued the finished flowers onto a grapevine wreath I bought at JoAnn’s.  I love the simplicity of it and think it is just perfect for spring and summer.


Spring Wreath completed

I ended up making LOTS of the rolled flowers (and I have a basketful of more scraps to continue working on some for headbands, frames, hairclips, etc) so I decided to make this the project I was giving away on my Facebook page!  My page made it to 100 likes so I had a giveaway and the lucky winner a wreath for their door too!

Close up view

Happy spring!

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Tutorial Tuesday: Sunglasses Case

A few months ago, a woman from our church sent me a message asking if I could sew her a fabric case for her reading glasses.  I hadn’t made one before but it didn’t seem like too complicated of a process so I told her I would be happy to.  For those of you with lots of scraps like me this is a perfect project for using them up!  With just a couple fairly small scraps you can quickly make a case for your sunglasses (or eyeglasses) that will protect them from scratches.

So here is the tutorial I came up with.

Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses Case

1/4 yard of main fabric (or a scrap about 8″ x 8 1/2″)

1/4 yard of lining fabric ( or a scrap about 8″ x 8 1/2″)

batting (8″ x 8″)

coordinating thread

about 30 minutes of free time

NOTE: for the case pictured my scrap wasn’t quite long enough so I used some of  the lining fabric as an accent on the outside of the case. 


Start by cutting all your fabrics and batting to 8″ x 8 1/2″ pieces (cut batting in 8″ x 8″ square to allow for less bulk when closing top edge). *** If you have the oversized sunglasses you might want to cut pieces to 9″ x 8 1/2″ to have a bit of extra room. ***

Cut pieces

Place the lining fabric on top of the batting with the right side facing up.  Then put the main fabric on the lining so the right sides are together.

pinned layers

Sew around all sides leaving the top unsewn for turning.

Clip corner and trim excess batting away from sides (to reduce bulk) then turn fabrics right sides out and press so that all the layers are smoothed out.


Press the top edges of the case in all the way around and then top stitch closed (sealing the side that was left open).

turned edges

top edge closed

Fold the case in half with the lining on the inside and topstitch all the way around the case starting at the bottom and working up to the top.  Be sure to backstitch at the bottom and top ends of the case to really secure it.

top stitched closed

And that’s it!  You now have a great case for protecting your glasses from scratches while they hang out in your purse.  These would make great gifts to have on hand in your gift stash so make a few extra!

finished cases

Happy Crafting!

Back to Blogging

This mama hasn’t been so busy crafting lately.  The 20th of April marked 10 years of marriage for my hubby and me so we took a much deserved anniversary trip to Florida.  We spent 5 days running and playing at DisneyWorld without the boys and had a wonderful time!

Starting off the trip

We began our journey together over 13 years ago when my husband asked me to be his girlfriend at Disneyland while in line for It’s A Small World.  Thus began our fairytale.  So needless to say, all things Disney hold a special place in our hearts.  We had wanted to go to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon but cost, travel worries, and wanting a more low key honeymoon won out and we ended up renting a cabin in Big Bear.  So our 10th anniversary was the perfect time to take the trip we had been wanting.

Animal Kindgom Park

So now that we are back home and back to reality, this mama will be getting busy again and whipping up lots of crafty things for you.  With Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation week, and Father’s Day just around the corner you have lots to look forward to!

Check out my Crib (bedding that is)

I LOVE babies and everything about them!  One of the most exciting things when you are expecting is getting to decorate the nursery in anticipation of the little one’s arrival.  So when my college roomie contacted me and asked if I would help her out by making her some crib bedding I was over the moon excited!

oversized ties

She originally found this bedding on Etsy, but the price was a bit out of the budget (which I completely understand).  Using the pictures as reference and a few tutorials (dust ruffle and bumpers)  I pinned on Pinterest, I was able to come up with a plan for sewing the bedding.

oversized ties close up

The dust ruffle was fairly simple and quick to create.

The bumpers took a bit longer but I got to work on my zipper installing skills and make LOTS (28 to be exact) of oversized ties for securing the bumpers to the crib.

overstuffed bumpers

To achieve the puffy look for the bumpers I made bumper inserts using muslin and silky soft poly-fill.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  If I am ever blessed to have another little one myself I will definitely be making their bedding myself!  It was so much fun!  The hard part will be deciding on what fabric to use.  So many options!

bumper pads

I can’t wait to find out how the client likes them (I sure hope she likes them!).

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter (or Resurrection Day  as we like to call it around here!).

I have been very busy getting orders completed and trying to get ready for my WEEK LONG, KID-FREE vacation with my hubby! Unfortunately that means I haven’t been doing such a great job keeping up on my blogging.  I did want to write a quick Easter post though to fill you in on our Easter Traditions around here.

Easter Baskets

Easter Pails

I am a practial mama and I didn’t like the idea of spending a bunch of money on “Easter” themed fillers for Easter baskets each year.  I mean, how many stuffed bunnies can you have.  So early in my “motherhood” years I was talking about what to put in Easter baskets with my co-worker (told you this was early in my mommy years and I was still teaching full time), and she mentioned that she always filled her children’s baskets with summer goodies they would soon be needing!  PERFECT!  Thus started our tradition of filling the baskets with spring and summer necessities.

Typically our Easter buckets are filled with:

  • swimsuits (just not this year as my boys do NOT need them this year)
  • flipflops
  • sunglasses
  • a book (LOVE Bearenstein bears!)
  • summer jammies
  • a DVD, game, or other treat
  • bubbles, sidewalk chalk
  • a little bit of candy (they get lots of that from Grammy!)
This year I added in a thermos cup since the boys are outgrowing sippy cups.  Also found Color Wonder Marker sets at Walmart on clearance and some Star Wars yo-yos on clearance at Target.

Sunday Best

Bow Tie

I have gotten a bit of a reputation for having my adorable boys in adorable clothes on holidays.  This I don’t mind since my boys are adorable and I love to shop for matching or coordinating outfits for them.  However, as they are getting older and now that there are FOUR of them, that gets kinda pricey!  So this year I decided to make it a little simpler.  The boys already had these white shirts and I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for making some handsome little man bow ties.  Here they are all dressed in their Sunday best!

Sunday Best

Resurrection Rolls

When my oldest was in preschool, one day he had to bring in crescent rolls for an Easter potluck.  I signed up to bring those and dutifully went to the grocery store on the way to drop him off at school that morning.  After school when I picked him up, there was a strange looking crescent roll in his cubby on a paper towel.  This was when I learned about resurrection rolls!

These Easter treats explain how Jesus’s body was covered in oil and spices before being wrapped in strips of linen and placed in a garden tomb.  But the surprise is that after they are cooked Jesus isn’t in the tomb!  He is RISEN!

Needed Items:

1 tube of crescent rolls

large marshmallows

2 tbsp melted butter

1/2 cup cugar

1 tsp cinnamon

First melt your butter in a small bowl.  While it is melting in the microwave, mix up cinnamon sugar in another small bowl.  Place a marshmallow in the melted butter  and then into the cinnamon sugar mixture (Explain to the kiddos that after Jesus was crucified he was quickly covered in oil and spices).

Next, take the marshmallow and completely enclose it with the crescent roll making sure to seal the edges very well.  (Explain that Jesus was placed in a tomb and a stone was rolled in front of the tomb to seal it up tight).

Bake the crescent rolls according to the directions on the package (mine said 375 degrees for 12 minutes).  Once the rolls are golden brown, take them out and let them cool a bit – take them off the cookie sheets quickly though as the marshmallows have usually melted all over and will start to harden making it very difficult to get the rolls off the cookie sheet.  Then enjoy them!  After your first bite you will see that Jesus is no longer in the tomb!  He is RISEN!

Resurrection Rolls


Such a great visual for children and a perfect reminder of what Easter is truly about!

What are your Easter Traditions???

More Busy Bag Swapping

Last month’s Busy Bag swap was such a success with my friends we of course wanted to have another one ASAP! So it was decided that we would take the month of March to work on our bags {however, many of my friends are just like me and waited until the week of the swap or even the day before to get them done, guess that’s why we are all friends right! }  I posted about last month’s swap and showed you all the great activities the eleven of us made for our little ones.  This month brought even more fun to the mix.

This month many of us weren’t able to get together all at the same time to do the swap so I just had a few friends over and then everyone else dropped their bags off.  Then I sorted out all the activities into separate bags so that we each had all eleven activities {this is where I got to walk around my dining room table about 100 times first putting each group of bags in a pile and then walking around placing one of each kind of bag into separate bags for each mama}.

Busy Bags

Here are the activities we created for our little ones this month:

Button Snake
Chalk Blocks
Pipe Cleaner toy
Beads into a Water Bottle
Beads into an ice cube tray 
Discovery Bottles
Moon Sand
Magnetic Pom Poms
Lacing Cards
Matching Jars
Playdoh Mats

I can’t wait for next month (and neither can my friends!).  We have now done 22 toddler busy bags and will move on to preschool level bags next month.

School starts up again next week so we will have lots of time to play with our new busy bags while my oldest his completing his work.  Did I mention before how much my OLDER boys enjoyed the bags as well!  It is crazy how some plastic eggs and a pencil fishing pole are fun for all ages.