Partying with the Cat in the Hat, part 1

Well the party of the “year” around here is over.  My little guy’s first birthday was a Seuss-cess! After months of pinning ideas, searching for inspiration, menu planning, and of course crafting up hats and outfits – the party is done.  I am so excited to show you all the fun decorations that helped make this party a hit.

First the hats were so fun.

The boys enjoyed running around as Cat in the Hat and the adults even got in on the fun sporting the hats a bit themselves.

family shot

For the decor in the family room, the entertainment stand was all cleared to make room for our Dr. Seuss book collection and a few beloved Seuss characters were perched in the perfect positions for watching the party. Balloons and my bunting {first seen here} added the final touches.

Books galore

Birthday banner hung over the entryway into the dinning room and hallway.  I got all my printables from Cupcake Express on Etsy! These were amazing and made my life SO much easier.  Usually I make my own printables but I am starting to realize I just can’t do it all.  These pennants were cut out, hole punched and then I tied them up using red and blue with white polka dot ribbons.


This next idea was “stolen” AHEM, inspired by my friend Heather. Last summer she threw a Mickey Mouse party for her daughter and put mouse ears on all her family pictures.  It was ADORABLE!  These hats were found at Michaels and I had LOTS of them so they got put on the heads of any picture that was the right size. You will see that not only the family room pictures got hats, but so did others around the house!

silly Seuss

In the kitchen, the white cabinets needed some dressing up.  These book covers were also found at Michael’s in a set along with the character punch outs.  I love the fun they added to the kitchen.

kitchen decor

Along with the printable pack I purchased there were some quote printables.  This quote is one of my favorites for the birthday party.  No one is Youer than You on your birthday!


More hats in the hallway!

hat in the hall

hidden hats

The bathroom couldn’t be forgotten.  A few character punch outs, a quote, and some kid level hats were placed on the mirror so bathroom guests had something to smile at while washing their hands.

bathroom decor

And here is the reason for it all!

My sweet birthday boy in this “Happy Birthday to Me!” shirt. His hat didn’t stay on long, but he enjoyed his party nonetheless.  He even took 5 or 6 consecutive steps (previously it had only been 1-2 in a row).

Birthday Boy

Check back tomorrow for another post on the FOOD!

There were just too many yummy Seuss inspired treats to show in this post.


  1. Jen Marrs@ Four Marrs & One Venus says:

    So So cute! The party looks great and I love all your cute decorations! Super fun to be 1!!! Happy B-day lil man!

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