Cat in the Hat party hats

What Dr. Suess themed party would be complete without hats from the Cat in the Hat?  Certainly no party of mine!

Thanks to Pinterest and Dr. Suess’s birthday on March 2nd there were SO many party ideas popping up everywhere.  It certainly made my job easier when planning things for this party.  A new Pinterest board {aptly named the Cat in the Hat} had to be started to contain all the party ideas.

I pinned a tutorial from Momma’s Kinda Crafty  and I was able to make up a hat for Ethan to wear at his party.  (please excuse the horrible cell phone picture).  Click on over to that site if you want to make your own!  They are super easy and only take about an hour!

{That is unless you sew the brim on to the WRONG side of the fabric and have to use the seam ripper to take it apart and start over.  I am NOT speaking from experience here at all :) AHEM}

Here is the finished product in all its adorable glory!  

It matches his little party shirt I made him with matching shorts perfectly.

Isn’t my little guy a cutie?!?!

Ethan's Cat in the Hat hat

I changed the measurements a bit since he is only 1 so that it wouldn’t be so big on his head.  Instead of using stripes that were 3″ x 22″ I shortened them to 19″.  The circle I traced for the head was 6″ and the brim around the hat was from a circle that was about 10 inches in diameter.  The brim turned out a bit small but for such a little guy I think it will be alright.

Tonight I will be busy crafting up 5 more of these hats, 3 for my other boys and 2 for my hubby and I to share with all the party guests.  I am thinking of setting up a little “photo booth” area where guests can take silly pictures with the hats on.

Check back later for a quick tutorial on how I made my own Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts using my Cricut machine and some iron-on vinyl.  AND don’t forget to stop by next week to see all the pictures of the party!  I am so excited to get everything set up! If it is half as cute as it is in my head, I will be thrilled.

And the best part is… next year for Dr. Suess’s birthday we can pull these out again!

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