Tutorial Tuesday – Birthday Balloon Wreath

It’s all about birthdays this week since my little guy’s birthday party is this weekend!   {Today just happens to be my Dad’s birthday and tomorrow is my nephew’s 1st birthday also}  When I first saw the idea for this fun birthday wreath I immediately knew this HAD to be part of our birthday decor around here.  The How Does She? ladies titled their post “What would you do with 144 balloons?”, but I found that it was more like 400!  Each birthday in our house this gets pulled out along with the birthday bunting  and It’s Your Day Chair cover I made last summer.

Finished balloon wreath

Balloon Wreath


  • straw wreath (remember the bigger the wreath, the more balloon you will need! YIKES)
  • balloons (LOTS of balloons, but not the pink ones of course!)
  • floral pins – I found mine in the floral section at Walmart
  • PATIENCE, this project is great to work on while you watch a movie {or two, or three} It takes a while but the end result is totally worth it!

supplies needed

I started with 4 bags of balloons and ended up having to go back and get 4 more bags and another set of pins.  That is a total of about 400 balloons and 200 floral pins.

There are no pictures of the process.  It is pretty simple, I stuck two balloons – going opposite directions – underneath each floral pin. Then you keep doing that about 199 more times.  When I first started, I was too far back on the sides so I had to go back and move some pins around to get it to the look I wanted.

There couldn’t be a better birthday decoration since this would be great with ANY theme!  It can be hung on the front door to welcome your guests or it can be a centerpiece as well.  I even saw a pin recently on Pinterest where a balloon topiary was made {VERY similar to my DumDum topiary from my sister-in-love’s sweets themed shower}.  You can use just a few colors to go with your party decor or use them all like I did, minus the pink.

Finished balloon wreath

There you have it!  Hope you make your own very soon!  If you do, leave me a comment with the link so I can see yours!

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