Tutorial Tuesday: Ruffled Butt Leggings

It’s Tuesday already so here I have another tutorial for you!  You might remember the ruffle butt onesies that I made for my friend’s little girls when she was having baby #2.  I loved how they turned out and I couldn’t wait to make more.  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long.  Another friend of mine is about to have baby #2.  She already has a sweet baby girl and now a boy is on the way.  As you might have guessed, I just had to make them some sibling shirts so off to Target I went in search of 2 white onesies.  Much to my dismay however, I didn’t find a 24 month onesie. So while wandering around the baby section I spotted some cute little girl leggings.  And that is how the project began!


Here are the boring black leggings.  I had scraps of black and white fabric I wanted to use for this project (I had black iron-on vinyl so I knew I was going to do black and white).

Ruffled Butt Leggings

Begin with plain leggings.  Lay them with the backside up.  Measure the width of the leggings.  You will want your strips of fabric for the ruffles to be about twice the width of the leggings.

Leggings before

Cut your strips of fabric for the ruffles.  I cut 5 strips for a size 2T pair of leggings.  My strips were 1 1/2 inches wide.

Strip of fabric for ruffle

To prevent fraying you will want to secure the cut edges of each strip.  Using the overlock stitch on your machine (or a serger) sew around ALL edges of each strip.  {This will take a while but it is worth it to not have all your hard work messed up by fraying fabric!}

Overlocking to prevent fraying

Here is a completed strip with all edges overlocked. Now repeat 4 more times!

One down, four to go

About 20 minutes later – All five strips finally done!

All done

Now to the fun part!  It’s time to make some ruffles!!!

Sewing down the center of each strip will create a ruffle on BOTH sides of the strip.  Using a basting stitch {a long stitch, on my machine I make the stitch length as long as possible} and adjusting the tension to a looser setting {normal on my machine is a 4 so I changed it to a 2}, sew right down the center of the strip making sure NOT to backstitch at the beginning or end.

Creating the ruffle

Here is the backside of the strip.  I’m showing you the back so you could see it a bit better!

With basting stitch down the center

Now pull the BOTTOM thread gently to create the ruffle.  Pulling too hard will break the thread but since you adjusted the tension on the machine you shouldn’t need to pull too hard. Keep pulling until the ruffle is the width of your leggings.  At this point you can tie the ends to secure the threads so the ruffle doesn’t come out.


Pin the ruffle to the top of the leggings where you want your first ruffle to begin {for me it was right under the waistband}. Adjust the ruffles so they are even and place a few pins along the strip to keep everything in place.

Pinning on ruffle

Now back at your machine, stitch with a regular straight stitch right on top of your basting stitch.  It doesn’t need to be perfect and it probably won’t be straight.  You are just securing your ruffles into place.

First row of ruffles done

Sewing on the ruffles

One row down, 4 more to go.  You want the ruffles close together so pin the the ruffle up {folding it in half} so you can see what you are doing as you work. I pinned the ruffle so it was right underneath the row above it as you can see in the picture below.

Next row

Pinning the second row

Next row done, just keep on going!

Almost done

Completed Ruffles

And there you have it!  An adorable little ruffled butt.  Here you can see it in action on a crawling baby. Don’t you just want to eat it up!

Crawling Ruffle Butt

Modeled Ruffle Butt Leggings {NOTE: I have 4 sons so I don’t have anyone to model my girlie creations.  I just HAD to see if the ruffles fell in the right spot so I put the leggings on my 11 month old son.  I promised his daddy I would only take pictures of the leggings, so you just pretend this is a girl OK!}


  1. I adore it! You crack me up! Great job! If I had a sewing talent and a machine I would so make it! <3

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