Busy Bag Swap!

Can I just say it once again?!?  I love Pinterest!  Not only for the eye candy that the dream homes and cute outfits provide, but for all the practical things.  I am a busy homeschooling mom of four so I am constantly pinning things that will make homeschooling even better or fun.  Next year I will be homeschooling my two older boys so all the more reason to find things to occupy the little ones (that involves something other than TV).

Enter Busy Bags…  I have a board on Pinterest called Things for the Boys.  There I post fun activities or ideas I want to remember.  When I started to see the quiet books and the busy bags my interest was piqued!  This was the solution to keeping my little ones occupied in a way that was educational and fun.  Then one day I found a pin that lead me to the blog Second Story Window about hosting a busy bag swap.  There were so many ideas for busy bags for both toddlers and preschoolers (the ages of my younger boys).  Plus, all the work was already done!  The ladies behind Second Story Window had already created all the bags, hosted a swap and created a google doc with all the links to the various bags already done!  What a blessing that was.

At this point, some of you might be wondering what Busy Bags are.  Essentially they are self guided activities that don’t need much explanation or supervision.  Many of them work on some basic learning skills (patterns, sorting, shapes, etc) as well as, fine motor skills.

Immediately, I decided to see if there was interest among my group of friends to have our own swap.  And that is how the ball got rolling.  The bag ideas were divided up and we each got to work!  Our plan was to each do one toddler bag a month for 3 months so that we would have LOTS of activities for our little ones.  After we complete all of those, we will go on to the preschool bags.  I hosted the swap at my house so the mommies could have some fellowship time and the kiddos could play a bit.  Eleven of us participated so I made 11 of the same bag (mine was the Velco Shape Sticks) to give away and in return I got 10 different bags!

Velcro Stick Shapes
Busy Bags

I’m so excited to let the boys explore their new busy bags (come back for a follow up post of the bags in action!).  And head on over to Pinfluence.com to see my friend, Heather’s post about the bag she created for the swap!


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