Hello Curtains, Goodbye Clutter

As a crafter, I have supplies ALL over the place.  My craft room needs to be organized.  So after recently rearranging my supplies I realized that I needed some curtains for underneath my desk areas to conceal all the clutter supplies that I store my work spaces.

Craft Room BEFORE

Here is how my work spaces looked before the curtains:
Office Desk BEFORE

Sewing Table BEFORE

While I love all the storage that putting the supplies under the desks provides, I do not like the way it looked as I walked into my craft room.  I used the same fabric that I used for my ironing board cover.  Knowing I would need lots of fabric, I purchased 5 yards of the patterned fabric and 3 yards of the accent stripes.

We bought 2 of  these desks a while ago and redesigned them to make them fit our needs.  The two larger sections are my “office” desk and my sewing table.  The two smaller sections were put together along with the sewing table to create an L-shaped workspace.  Once my cutting mat was put on the top you can hardly tell it was two smaller desks.

Craft Room AFTER

Sew Table AFTER

I LOVE the way the curtains turned out!  It feels amazing to walk into my “quiet” place and not see all my junk staring back at me.  The colors work so well with the blue on the walls.  Now to find items to decorate my walls a bit and some spray paint to give my boring grey office chair a make-over.  But that is all for future posts ;)


  1. Tami Engel says:

    Love love love it Allison!!!! You are so talented!

  2. Thank you so much Tami!

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