Ironing Board Up Do

Let’s be honest – who really spends a lot of time ironing anymore?!?!  Definitely not me (much to my hubby’s dismay). If I am really making confessions here, I think in the almost 10 years of having my ironing board I had used it less than 10 times. That was until I started sewing. If you are going to sew, you have to iron!  So out it came and it is used on almost every project. I don’t at all mind ironing in this sense. It is fun since it goes with my creations. Isn’t it lovely!!!

Well one day while searching Pinterest I came across a tutorial from Sew4Home (which I LOVE) on how to recover your ironing board. Since I had been wanting to buy fabric to make under desk curtains I knew this could go right along with it!  First I had to find just the right fabric. This proved to be the largest challenge since the JoAnn’s here in town doesn’t have a huge selection. Before my nephew’s birthday party we decided to check out the Redlands JoAnn’s and I hit the jackpot!  A beautiful set of coordinating fabrics were practically jumping off the rack and into my basket. I love the color combos and the fun in the patterns.

Just a few days later I was following the tutorial to make my new cover. I am horrible at taking pictures along the way so all I have is finished project. I do have a smaller table top ironing board that I plan to recover and I will try to remember set by step pictures of that.

I love the color it adds to the room. More projects to dress up my craft room are coming. Including a sewing machine cozy and a Pinterest inspired valance. Check back soon!

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