My Sewing To Do List for 2012

Thanks to Pinterest I have a huge list of projects i want to complete!  Several are for myself to dress up my craft room a bit. Here is what I am going to be working on…

-Curtains for under my desks, I need to hide all the supplies i have stored under there and add more color to the room.
- a sewing machine cover
- an ironing board cover (to match the sewing machine cover)
- curtains for the window
- just found these cute terry cloth (AKA Towel) shower curtains today!


I have completed the sewing machine cover, the ironing board cover, and the curtains.  I am in the process of getting the curtains under my desk cut and sewn (not an easy task when you are working with yards of fabric at a time). Had a small change of plans for the shower curtain as it is difficult to find BIG towels.  I am instead going to use home decor fabric to create a new shower curtain for the boys’ bathroom.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to do that yet.

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