A Sweet & Sexy Shower


 My sister-in-law Kim recently asked me to help her with her best friend, Amanda’s personal shower. She did a great job with all the planning and just needed a bit of help with the tags and such. I was thrilled to get to help with Amanda’s special day!  We played the game where each guest brings a pair of panties that describes their personality. Upon arriving each person put the panties they brought in the vase and then we strung them up like a banner and had Amanda guess who they were from.
Below are just some of the shots of the things we made. It was a success and lots of people commented on how cute everything was. Kim did a great job and I was happy to be able to help her.
 Water bottle wraps
Tags for the wine to go with the theme:
white was sweet, red was sexy and the blush was blush
(it is a lingerie shower after all!)
Tags for the glasses with each of the ladies names printed on them
Special glass for the guest of honor!
The yummy sweets table
(I once again forgot to take a picture once we had ALL the food set out)
Sweet and Sexy banner

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