Happy Birthday Jesus Banner

One of my friends had a great idea and I stole it to use with my children this Christmas. Last year, she decorated her house for Christmas with balloons like a birthday party for Jesus’s birthday! I love this because it is yet another reminder of the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

My friend wanted to come over and use my Cricut to cut lettering to make a banner this year to add to the party decorations. I got “bored” on day (well kinda, how bored can a mom of 3 boys really get!) so I started on my own banner while the boys napped. Within 24 hours, mine was done.
I wanted to use bright and fun colors for my banner. Once the basic banner was done, I decided it needed a bit of embellishment so I put my Cricut to work and cut out some party hats, ballons, cupcakes, and presents to add to it. Instead of stringing the banner on one long string, I tied each letter to the next with colorful ribbons. I LOVE the final product!

This has got to be my favorite letter! The J for Jesus is embellished with a crown! I think that is fitting, don’t you???

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