Ribbon Storage

I have been trying to think of a way to organize and store my ribbon without them being in bins.  I have seen several great ideas but just never found one I thought would work for me.  So one day I was pulling into the garage and I happened to look over at my teaching “stuff” that is taking up space against the wall.  This small video organizer caught my eye.  I instantly knew it would be perfect for my ribbon.  Now I just need to get more to fill it up!

Mother’s Day Presents

I found this tutorial for a stationary box and wanted to try it out.  After about an hour, the box was done.  Next it was time to fill it up with gift tags and note cards.  It made the perfect gift for my mom for Mother’s Day.  She frequently writes notes and letters to her sisters so I knew the cards would get put to good use.

Her Mother’s Day card: I added the word MOM outside.

Stationary Box

Front Flap (folded open) the pocket holds stamps and I included Post-It notes.

Small gift tag

View of the box when open, complete with 5 notecards in the back.

More Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Here are the finished magic boxes for CB’s teachers at preschool.  Inside boxes are filled with apple shaped post-it notes, tacks, paper clips, and Hershey’s hugs.  A simple white gift bag with a quick tag and ribbon finish it off.  On the tag, I made sure to note that the boxes should be opened carefully so the contents doesn’t spill out all over!

Mother’s Day Presents

I made these blocks for my mother in law for Mother’s Day.  The whole project probably took me an hour.  A few months ago, the idea was posted on Little Birdie Secrets and I saved it knowing I would one day tackle this project.  The great thing is that these 7 blocks can make a total of 16 words.  So that my mother in law would know what words can be spelled out, I wrote them on the bottom of the blocks.  The best thing is: these are very inexpensive!  Each block at Michael’s cost $1.29.  I already had the antique white paint and mod podge.  Using my Cricut and a piece of patterned black paper, the letters were cut out in no time.  Now I just have to find a way to wrap them so that the blocks can say “mothers” when the package is opened!