Rainy Day Art

It was a very rainy weekend this past weekend and Chris wasn’t feeling all that great when he woke up Sunday, so we ended up not going to church. Since it was raining I took advantage of a cute craft idea I had seen on a blog.  First, you have the children color a picture using markers and be sure they cover most of the paper with color.  I think Cameron had more marker on his hands than he got on the paper, but he had fun!  That is what matters.
Next, you hold the paper out in the rain for a minute or two until the drops start to spread the marker.  It gives it a watercolor look. The harder it is raining the less time it will take for your art to take shape!
Finally, let it dry and enjoy!  The boys made several pictures.  It is hard to see exactly how they turned out from the pictures but we had fun and made some cool pictures!

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